Zimmermann NY fashion week 2019

Zimmermann’s Dreamy Autumn/Winter Collection

The brand Zimmermann has made a well-known name for itself, growing rapidly through social media with its divine statement pieces. Known for the whispy, dewy tones and delicate textures, the Zimmermann autumn/winter launch is nothing short of inspiring. The creative director of Zimmermann, Nicky Zimmermann, said she took inspiration from famous Australian spy, Nancy Wake. The collection undeniably showcases secrecy and drama with their signature groove.


Zimmermann said that her work was inspired by the lustrous mood of a ‘woman who is mysterious’. She loved the idea of a woman who is intriguing – almost like a chameleon – stealth, strong, skillful, and a character who’s always putting other people first; helping others in the most difficult circumstances. Her imagination took hold as she combined her thoughts with her creations.

Showcasing her designs in conjunction with a strong message of resilience and pride for women, she was extremely proud of her launch.

The prestigious Australian women’s luxury brand Zimmermann debuted its recent fashion collection at the New York Fashion Week. Strutting the autumn/winter 2019/2020 luxe collection to a well-respected crowd, the event was filled with many well renowned high profile names.

Accompanied by other high profile Australian designers with the likes of Camilla and Marc and Dion Lee, they showed New York what Australians are wearing this season. The collection exhibited metallic jackets, leather belts, tassel frills, fluffy textures, and Victorian-style lace dresses. The brand has exploded in the past few years, opening four new stores abroad all before July 2019.

The collection’s direction is strength in femineity. Florals with soft tones, leathers of all textures, chains, ribbed corsets, and contemporary layout arrangements.

Redefining what women are typically wearing, this collection vibes confidence and intelligence, with a high-end twist; made for women who know who they are.

Zimmermann Autumn Winter collection

Zimmermann’s designs will always stay true to their culture but their creation point will always be a different trigger.

The eye-opening trending styles for the autumn-winter season on the Zimmermann runway are trench style tops and jackets, corset waists, high necks, chunky jewellery, tiered gowns, and oversized accessories. Mixing loud and bold lengths and shapes with various cool, moody tones and dark, statement colours embody the collection.

The collection has been labelled ‘boho with luxury aesthetic’ by Women’s Wear Daily. Amongst the collection and being sold on their website, some of the designs have a value of up to $3500. The Ninety-Six Spliced dress and the Six Patch dress both cost a separate amount of over $3000.

The brand’s theme of luxury is undoubtedly developing, with the most popular items selling up to over $1500 a piece.

Originating the brand in Australia, Nicky Zimmermann has grown an incredible international following over her success. Zimmermann said she loves to travel and loves being a part of the fabulous life of the international fashion scene, but Australia will always be home.

The launch in New York Fashion Week successfully showed how the brand has evolved and how Zimmermann’s work is forever commended by many. Miss Zimmermann is currently working on her summer 2020 collection and we can’t wait to see what she will reveal.