World’s Largest Sportfish Superyacht

The Royal Huisman’s Project 406, is set out to become to world’s largest true sportfish superyacht. Measuring a magnificent fifty-two meters long, this six-deck superyacht is the epitome of a luxury experience. Sportfishing enthusiasts will find moments of serenity and excellence in the design of this superyacht, with a back deck tailored intelligently to complement the art of this marine activity. Elsewhere, utmost quality is maintained throughout the other five levels, making it a comfortable and lavish stay for whoever steps foot upon it. Whether you are a highly informed yachtie or are simply someone who appreciates innovative design, the Project 406 is a marine vehicle worth your interest.

Known for its world-renowned sailing yachts, the Royal Huisman is a Dutch shipyard business that specializes in the innovation, conception, and construction of major motor and sailing yachts. Originating in 1884 as a small business for the construction of work and fishing boats made from wood, the Royal Huisman has moved forward with the times. Making its name by building some of the world’s largest superyachts – such as the 2004 Athena – the Royal Huisman have done so continually and successfully. The shipbuilding company is made up of a team of over three hundred experts, who work closely with their clients to design challenging and ambitious yachts, achieving their luxury dreams. Here, they claimed their company mantra: “the spirit of individuality”.

However, it is the Project 406 that has recently come into the superyacht scene, parading not only its large size but also its world-class luxurious features. With classic naval architecture and modern-day technological design, the superyacht has been named the “sportfisher on steroids”. With a large deck arranged for deep-sea fishing, those who love to fish will find pure serenity and simplicity in its uncluttered and low-to-the-sea design – a fishing haven. From the bottom to the top, luxury is maintained. The yacht’s high tower provides breathtaking, 360-degree views of the oceanic landscape that lays below, making it ideal for a more formal viewing platform for onlookers of the fishing activity. Moreover, the Sky Lounge sits above the fishing deck with a clear glass front, making it another perfect spot for onlooking the art of sportfishing, from the comfort of a luxurious seating area. Come evening, the Sky Lounge doubles as an ambient space for watching the sunset and absorbing the fresh ocean air, without comprising the comfort of protection from sea winds. Evidently, the Project 406 is the superyacht of the year – not only breaking records but the ideals of what a superyacht can be.

In terms of the Project 406’s interior design and facilities, the Royal Huisman has not yet shared its details in great depth. However, it can be confidently assumed that the Project 406 will maintain its chic and luxurious design from the outside in, making it the “theatre of the ocean”.

If you are looking for an experience that epitomizes luxury and elegance while on open water, The Royal Huisman’s Project 406 is just for you.