Workplace Luxury in Australia

During recent times, employers have increasingly begun to utilise workplace design to positively influence the wellbeing of their employees, whilst simultaneously providing productivity and reinforcing company values. Kodari magazine has compiled a list of luxurious workplaces in Australia that ensure staff are being looked after as though they are staying in a high-end resort.

PDG Head Office

workplace - PDG Head Office in Melbourne

This luxurious office in Melbourne could be easily mistaken for an opulent 5-star hotel or a fancy restaurant. Situated in an octagonal shaped building and the former home of notorious Australian airline Ansett, this lavish space was designed by Studio Tate to emulate PDG’s brand “luxurious with special attention to detail”.

PDG also desired to improve internal communication and productivity as well as facilitate a sense of well being, which is seemingly uncommon in most workplaces. Studio Tate applies a specific, descriptive concept to each project. For PDG’s headquarters, this was the ‘tailored suit’.

The grand, open entry and reception are permeated with sophisticated textures to “evoke qualities of a suited individual”. The deliberate inclusion of a monochromatic series of black, white, walnut and tan tones aptly reflect the elegant aesthetic. This is adorned by the Bolon floor finish, which possesses a loose white textural pattern through a black base.

These luxurious materials were incorporated into the design in order to meet PDG’s desire of having a workspace that “didn’t feel like a workplace at all”, disclosed Alex Hopkins, the principal interior designer at Studio Tate.

The workspace area opens out into a kitchen and chic café style dining space. The open plan kitchen possesses a moveable wall of greenery “adds a lightness and humane quality, bringing the outside in, particularly 17 floors up”, Hopkins illustrated.

The prestigious details, fittings, and finishes amalgamate to translate the ‘tailored suit’ concept. This unique project mimics a luxury residence or hotel, evoking a sense of luxury and comfort in the workplace.

workplace - Interactive office in Port Melbourne


IT company Interactive’s new $100 million Port Melbourne office was built featuring a beautiful outdoor terrace which includes a stocked bar for staff use to entertain clients or to simply unwind from a stressful work day.

“It’s beautiful in spring and summer for a lunchtime break, client and staff entertaining and after work drinks. It has incredible city views – we’ve even had meetings soaking in the sun”, Interactive’s product and project manager Ankit Tandon, mentions.

This impressive office also boasts a 100-seat theatre and a games room, as well as an in-house barista and cafe stocked with breakfast and snack foods. To prevent staff from having to undergo the hassle of walking downstairs, this office has a slide between floors.

workplace - Swisse Headquarters


In order to promote a healthy lifestyle synonymous to the brand name, Swisse provides their staff with a fully equipped gym, three group personal training sessions a week, a yoga class each week as well as twice daily group meditation sessions. This ensures that the employees are feeling their best and consequently will perform in the workplace at a high level.

“We have about 60 people meditating together daily,” CEO of Swiss, Radek Sali reveals.

Swisse also has incorporated a stocked fridge and pantry containing healthy food for breakfast, accompanied by fresh fruit to snack on.


workplace - Biscuit the dog who comes into work at the the Canva office in Surry Hills every day

Nominated as the number one workplace in the country by Job Advisor for the second year in a row, along with Great Place to Work and Linkedin, this office is synonymous with a luxury

retreat. Located in Surry Hills, Canva’s office imbues life into a regular workday with in-house meditation sessions, breakfast, and lunch as well as snacks served by in-house chefs as well as meeting rooms featuring fully-stocked bars and a rock climbing wall. Canva also has hired a team of people who manage events for the employees.

The produce used by Canva’s personal chefs is sourced from a farm in regional NSW owned by the billion dollar company. The farm provides the team with fresh, seasonal produce from sustainable sources that is locally grown, which “contributes to minimising the company’s carbon footprint”, according to Canva co-founder and chief executive, Melanie Perkins. Canva’s farm also features two homes for brief stays, where the staff recieve an exclusive 25% discount on accommodation.

At Canva, employees don’t have to fret about leaving their beloved pets at home, as they can bring their furry friend with them as well as play with Biscuit the dog who comes into work every day.

Other extravagant incentives granted to over 80 staff members include ‘elaborate celebrations’ when target goals are met, including free gym and yoga membership cards as well as overseas trips.

“Happy employees take ownership take ownership of their role, work harder and bring their best to their tasks each day, and bring their best to their tasks each day, and their creativity to the bigger vision”, Melanie Perkins disclosed.

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By Sian McCaffery