Winch Design – The Next Destination For Your Superyacht

Winch Design is an award-winning exterior and interior design firm specialising in yacht, aircraft, house and commercial properties. It was established in 1986 by Andrew Winch and his wife Jane, located in the city of dreams, London, United Kingdom; Winch Design is all about unique luxury designs that are entirely bespoke, coherent approach, individually tailored to customers’ ideas. Won over thirty awards worldwide, the firm has become one of the go-to design studios for every high-profile client who would want to enjoy an ‘almost DaVinci-esque’ lifestyle.

With the love of yachts, after graduating from the Kingston College of Art in 3D design, Andrew Winch experienced himself as a skipper in the Caribbean. In 1980, he decided to return home and brought his passion for yachts interior design to learn at a studio of the legendary Sydney-born yacht designer Jon Banneberg in London. Nurtured and carefully taught under the hands of the Banneberg, Andrew has now become one of the most iconic influencers in the industry. Andrew’s collection consists of three hundred-feet long private yachts, beach villas, mountain retreats to aircraft, and the first private jet Boeing 787/9 Dreamliner. The architecture’s first project at Winch Design was interior and exterior designs for a Swan 36ft sailboat, which set his fame and opened up to bigger jobs such as the interior design of the 140ft Cyclos III in 1989 and the 160ft White Rabbit motor yacht, finished in 1994. Winch Design remained as a family trust until 2021; they proudly announced to be a fully employee-owned company.

The people are the core of a business; the Winch Design team have solid creative minds who brought endlessly dynamic designs, compromising different techniques and approaches. Their people have long-term experiences in the arts and creative industry, such as Nigel Carrington, a once Deputy Chairman of the McLaren Group, who is now the non-executive Chairman. Also, Jim Dixon, a former furniture maker and designer with an eye for detail and a unique three-dimensional point of view, joined the team as Managing Partner & Creative Director, Yachts & Aviation. On top of that, Winch Design has the privilege to collab and hold a sustained relationship with their exclusive suppliers and partners from Germany and Switzerland. Speaking to Forbes in 2020, Andrew Winch thanked his team for keeping up the energy, creativity and outstanding communication and his partners over the last three decades and revealed the lesson he learned from his long-lasting journey:

‘It has made me realise how lucky I am, not only to be able to bring to life the wildest dreams of our clients, but also that I am able to share this with the exceptionally creative Winch design family – as well as my own.’

Andrew Winch