Why The Satori Is The Most Elegant Way To Sail The Mediterranean

A product of one of the leading luxury yacht builders, the Satori is the pinnacle of extravagance on the high seas. Available for private charters in six countries along the Mediterranean coast, this magnificent vessel offers guests the opportunity to indulge in grand living spaces and one-of-a-kind experiences while taking in these breathtaking locations. 

Source: The Satori

Built by industry giant Big Blue Yachting Company, the Satori effortlessly blends the elegant style prevalent in the 1920s with the clean and sleek lines of contemporary nautical design. A team of expert builders used premium materials to create the yacht’s streamlined silhouette, allowing it to glide gracefully through the waves and exude a sense of refined luxury. The designers also collaborated with the captain of the Satori, Ali Aker, whose 25 years of sailing experience provided a detailed knowledge of what design features would produce the best performance. The engineers on board are well acquainted with these structural and functional elements of the yacht so they can maintain them and all other components of the engine room and electronics. 

The yacht’s spacious decks provide an abundant outdoor living space, perfect for soaking up the sun or enjoying al fresco dining with stunning sea views. The carefully considered layout ensures that guests can move effortlessly between different areas, like the expansive sundeck, the inviting lounges, or the private balconies attached to the staterooms. Meanwhile, the interior is credited to Claude and Jeanette Thottrup, who took inspiration from vintage yachts by featuring glossy wooden detailing and large windows to create a light and open space. The designers also made distinct choices, including the stand-out cinema on the front deck, where guests can choose from an extensive library of films to watch under a glorious blanket of stars for a unique viewing experience.

Additionally, the Thottrup’s included an inclusive kitchen and dining area on the mid-deck for guests to observe the gourmet chefs working to prepare their meals. To ensure guests have an elevated dining experience, the staff have a considerable background in fine dining and hospitality as well as additional training from head chefs in Tuscany and Borgo Santo Pietro. 

Source: The Satori

The highly qualified chefs can confidently produce a customised gourmet dinner menu using the finest locally sourced ingredients to reflect the flavours of each region and provide a range of light meals throughout the day that showcase the freshest catch in that location. Furthermore, the crew on board have a considerable understanding of fine-dining service standards that they replicate during meals on the Satori. For guests looking to immerse themselves in their culinary experience, the chefs provide in-depth cooking lessons where they will demonstrate how to create the gourmet dishes they serve. 

The Satori also boasts a fully air-conditioned wine cellar with storage space for 250 bottles. This catalogue of wine consists of a meticulously curated collection to pair perfectly with the flavours featured on the chef’s menu. Guests are also encouraged to select their own wine, whether through prior selection that will be sourced on your behalf ahead of departure or by bringing a prized bottle from home to enjoy on the trip; alternatively, if guests discover a particular wine available at any of the destinations on the charter, the crew will source a bottle to add to the yacht’s collection. 

Source: The Satori

After enjoying the delicious food prepared by the chefs, guests may choose to return to their room to relax for the remainder of their evening. With five luxury bedrooms on board, the Satori can house up to 10 guests; however, smaller groups can also choose to convert one of the rooms into a private spa where a personal therapist can provide a variety of onboard.  These quarters are disconnected from the living and working areas for the captain and crew, allowing guests to feel a greater sense of privacy and freedom on their voyage. The largest room on the Satori is the master suite, fitted with a king-sized bed, a private bar fridge, a personal entertainment system, and an en-suite marble bathroom with a double shower and free-standing walnut bathtub. The other four rooms consist of two 15 squared metre rooms and two 11.5 squared metre rooms, the latter of which can be adapted into a spa cabin. All these rooms are furnished with a queen-sized bed, an en-suite marble bathroom, and all other amenities featured in the master suite. 

Beyond its stunning aesthetics, the Satori is equipped with an array of cutting-edge activities that offer a variety of ways for guests to experience the surrounding ocean. In addition to being the yacht’s captain, Ali Aker is an expert free diver and shares his skills by offering practical advice and assistance with the many water sports available on board. In particular, the captain helps guests using the Cavago F55 SEABOBs, two high-performance diving toys that tow swimmers to explore depths of up to 2.5m. For thrill-seekers looking to remain closer to the surface, the Satori is equipped with super-fast Yamaha Superjet jet skis typically used for competitions. In areas that require a license or restrict the use of the jet skis, there is also high-quality wake-boarding equipment and a Ringo inflatable so guests can still have fun bouncing across the shimmering waves. Meanwhile, the Optimist sailor allows guests inspired by the art of sailing to learn or improve their skills. With maximum comfort and safety, it is the perfect vessel for children or first-time sailors to be introduced to the sport. 

Source: The Satori

Additionally, the Dieseliet 565 allows transportation for up to nine passengers to explore the water or visit the mainland and neighbouring islands. Guests can also take on one of the four Gocycle G3 electric bikes when they go ashore to ride around the area and get a closer look at the stunning landscapes. For a more structured visit, the Satori provides a 5-star concierge service managed by Borgo Santo Pietro to create a tailor-made itinerary that meets the guests’ desires. These services range from organising a personal shopping exploration in the most famous coastal cities in the world, a historical excursion with a private guide providing an in-depth look at the legends and culture of the location, or a helicopter ride to get a birds-eye view of the coastline. 

The Satori luxury yacht stands as a beacon of maritime excellence, from its breathtaking design to its unparalleled amenities. Therefore, it is not surprising that its current charter cost is estimated at $105,000 per week. Every aspect of the Satori has been crafted with the utmost attention to detail, creating an experience that is nothing short of extraordinary. For those fortunate enough to step aboard, the Satori offers not just a journey, but a transcendent voyage into a world of unparalleled luxury.