Unveiling Prestigious Luxury Travel Brand, ‘Envoyage’.

In the last week, Flight Centre Travel Group CEO James Kavanagh has announced a new era for the Flight Group as it introduces its principal luxury brand, ‘Envoyage’. This brand provides a new hub for high-net-worth travellers, focusing on lucrative and luxurious independent travel.

The Flight Group Company headquarters resides in Brisbane, Australia, currently employing approximately 15,000 people globally. Business spans Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, America, and the Middle East. They are now expanding to an online network, targeting luxury markets.

‘Envoyage’ is a play on words merging the concepts of envoy and travel through voyage. Using a culmination of extensive market research, consultation, and sleek design, the brand describes itself as limitless, allowing clients to seek travel advice with flexibility.

Due to changing technology, Flight Centre Travel Group identified a gap in the market of luxury travel services. Envoyage reflects modern desires and expectations when it comes to travel. Not only this, but the increase of independent travel networks and freelancing agents proves the significance of this new service. 

Independent travel agents will join this platform to connect with clients, acting as their concierge. Travel agents provide personalised and original travel advice, meeting client-set expectations. The concierges will plan as much or as little as you see fit for the occasion. This gives a new sense of prestige, versatility, and personalised adventure. The concept provides industry-leading technology and a comprehensive product marketplace.

Travel agents will have the freedom to run their own business by using Envoyage as their primary platform while also contributing to a global powerhouse and community. Kavanagh revealed this revolutionary concept, aiming to redefine luxury travel. 

The Envoyage rollout begins this month in the USA, followed by Australia, Canada, South Africa, and New Zealand this year. Now, with a more personalised online era, high-net-worth clients will have the opportunity to connect anytime, anywhere, globally.