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Trimaran Yacht – Adastra

The 140-foot Trimaran Adastra Yacht has hit the market for $12 million. After sailing around the world for more than seven years, this spectacular superyacht could now be yours.

The impressive custom-built, ocean-crossing projectile was built in 2012 at a cost of $20 million. From then the superyacht has traveled half a dozen times across the Atlantic and continued to island-hop around the globe.

Adastra Yacht Trimaran
Source: RobbReport

The incredible yacht was designed by Britain’s Shuttleworth Design and was built in China by McConaghy Boats. The Trimaran Adastra was created to not only focus on weight reduction but also on the strength and seaworthiness. With the hulls made of strong e-glass/Kevlar foam and the deck and superstructure made from carbon fiber, there’s no wonder the whole vessel scales at just 52 tonnes (before water and fuel).

Another ideal feature of the Adastra Yacht is the speed of the vessel. The yacht is powered by a single 1,150hp Caterpillar C18 straight-six turbo diesel. The yacht can remain the top speed of 23 knots in almost any weather condition; however, it also has a backup pair of 110 hp Yanmar diesel engines. Not only does this yacht have the above incredible features, but it is also extremely fuel-efficient.  While traveling at 10 knots, the yacht burns just 4.5 gallons of fuel per hour.

Adastra Yacht Interior
Source: RobbReport

The interior of the yacht has been designed by Hong-Kong based interior designers – Jepsen Design and has been created to accommodate nine guests and six crew staff. The Main Deck of the Adastra yacht is a 16-meter beam, which offers panoramic views through the window, and additionally serves a lounge area, dining table, and a navigation station. The Lower Deck has been split into two different sections. This area contains a master cabin (with access from the deck saloon), two further guest cabins, accommodation for the crew, and the kitchen area located forward of the engine compartment.

Adastra Yacht Deck
Source: RobbReport

The Exterior Deck has a forward-facing door through the saloon window which allows easy access to a large sunbed on the foredeck. The other deck towards the end of the yacht includes a sofa, a bar area, and a dining area. Additionally, there is space for a 4.9-meter tender, and directly below this is a garage that can store a 3.1-meter tender. These garage doors can then fold out and become a large dive platform.

The profile of the vessel has been kept low to maintain and improve the stability, especially when in contact with large waves. The shape of the yacht was designed to be kept streamlined, in order to optimise aerodynamics and hydrodynamics.

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