This Zero Emission Superyacht Is a Floating Garden

This year’s Monaco Yacht Show was one of the most exciting, with the yachts displayed continuing to be bigger and better. One of the most intriguing superyachts announced at the show was a new superyacht concept by German company 3deluxe. Named VY.01, the concept presents an entirely zero-carbon superyacht complete with the ability to grow your own fruits and vegetable on board. Currently, the concept is being auctioned as an NFT (Non-fungible token) on SuperWorld. 

The successful buyer of the VY.01 NFT will get the complete concept and the ability to commission the ship’s construction or any part of the interior. Half of the funds raised from the auction will go towards a marine conservation organization. Recently, there has been a lot of media scrutiny on the contribution of blockchain, which hosts NFTs, to the environment. 3deluxe will provide compensation for the CO2 emission caused by the minting and initial sale of the NFT. 

VY. 01’s interior design is a game-changer for the next generation of superyachts. The new standards imposed by this concept will increase the amount of light in the yacht and the genuine connection to nature that superyachts can provide. The one-space interior idea is loft-like, with plenty of light filling the area. The spacious continual room contains a greenhouse, a lounge living space, kitchen, bar and vegetable garden. Most superyachts promise a connection with nature, but none achieves as much as VY.01. The master suite is open-topped and allows a view onto the starry night sky, and plants imbue the interior design replacing what would traditionally be acrylic glass and brass. Natural air filled with the smells of the surrounding plants replaces the excessive air-conditioning of traditional superyachts. Water for the plants comes from an onboard seawater desalination system, which is powered by solar panels on the superyacht’s roof and exterior. 

The exterior design is a homogenous closed shape where the hull merges seamlessly with the side of the yacht through to the roof. The roof is glazed glass, allowing sunlight to permeate the yacht, bathing the interior in natural light. However, you can regulate the amount of light reaching the upper decks by opening and closing the sensor-controlled louvres. The wheelhouse is located at the ship’s bow, which allows for the interior to be extended. There is an open stern with a saltwater pool and a small marina with direct access to the sea. 

Developing green power sources are used to drive VY.01. Hydrogen is expected to be a significant power source in the future, and VY.01 will be powered by fuel cells driven by hydrogen produced from methanol. One tank of bio-methanol can cover 1,000 nautical miles when travelling at a slow speed. The silent electric engines ensure the interior is free of vibrations. 

3deluxe have designed one of the most eco-friendly superyachts. Its concept, and hopeful creation, will significantly influence the future generations of superyachts.