The Perfume Atlas: Explore the World of Perfumery with Louis Vuitton’s Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud

Louis Vuitton puts together the essence of perfumery as the Maison celebrates luxury, scent, and travel in the latest book orchestrated by Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud. Louis Vuitton: A Perfume Atlas is a map that explores the global impact of scents and offers insight into the poetic artistry and scientific universes of perfumery. Together with Paris-based perfume journalist Lionel Paillès, Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud spent over three years curating the 400-page book to document his journey through five continents as a means to trace the origins of Louis Vuitton’s fragrances. 

Through Aurore de la Morinerie’s illustrations that grace each page of the book along with narrative texts and photographs by Sébastien Zanella, the tome first explores the starting process of perfumery, seeing how delicate flowers are cultivated as well as the techniques used to harvest them. Then, the best growing seasons are mentioned while the reader goes on to learn about how essential oils are extracted and distilled to create intriguing fragrances. 

The chapters are then organised by geographical location, beginning from China that talks of osmanthus and magnolia all through to India that explores jasmine and tuberose. Louis Vuitton supposedly has 45 different fragrant plans used to create their scents, and readers can expect the book to detail everything from floral notes to fresh or woody ones; each stem, seed pod, and berry surely has an origin and a story to be told as they all play a specific role in the Maison’s fragrances. Not only that but Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud’s journey is even illustrated through descriptions of the relationships he built with the farmers who nurture these raw materials.

The Perfume Atlas also features an outline of the inspiration behind Louis Vuitton’s signature fragrances, such as Attrape-Rêves, which has keynotes of Turkish rose, coca, ginger, and patchouli heart. There’s also Étoile Filante, which emphasises the scent of osmanthus that comes from a white flower that Jacques Cavallier-Bellletrud came across in Les Fontaines Parfumées, Louis Vuitton’s dedicated perfumery in Grasse. 

The Maison’s monograph was successfully released in select Louis Vuitton stores in France last February 2, and the limited-edition binding has now been released in other countries. Published by Thames & Hudson, the book also comes in three collectable copies featuring rose, jasmine, and lemon to depict the Master Perfumer’s journey in extracting Rose de Mai notes from Grasse, Assam notes from Bangladesh, and Bergamot notes from Calabria. 

Source: Hypebeast

Moreover, Louis Vuitton’s Perfume Atlas comes with an exclusive set that extends the reader’s immersive journey. The limited-edition set comes in an exceptional case and features 45 vials of the pure essences explored in the book, comprising the Maison’s iconic perfumes. 

Louis Vuitton: Perfume Atlas serves as a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of perfumery; it is a captivating journey through the diverse landscapes and cultures that inspire each fragrance produced by the Maison. Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud has crafted an exquisite narrative that celebrates the intricate process of scent creation, and through stunning illustrations and evocative storytelling, readers are guided across continents by his dedication and passion to bring Louis Vuitton’s fragrances to life. As the exclusive binding continues to find its way into the hands of perfume enthusiasts worldwide, it serves as a timeless ode to the harmonious blend of luxury, artistry, and exploration that defines the Maison’s olfactory journey.