The Most Expensive Luxury TVs

Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition

Stuart Hughes Prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition TV
Source: Stewart Hughes

Price: $2.25 – $2.26 million

Derived from the company that created the world’s most expensive game console, a Wii comprised of 2, 500 grams of solid 22-carat gold with diamond buttons, Stuart Hughes developed the 55-inch TV set, the PrestigeHD Supreme Rose edition.

This lavish television set would appease those with a penchant for glamour, crafted in 28 kilograms of solid 18-carat rose gold. The frame is permeated with 72 round cut 1-carat diamonds intertwined with precious stones including Sunstone and Amethyst. The television is finished with a hand-stitched alligator skin inner bezel.

You also have the opportunity to purchase its slightly more inexpensive counterpart, the PrestigeHD Supreme, which costs approximately $1.5 million. This television’s base and outer frame are adorned with 22-carat gold along with 48 diamonds and precious stones Aventurine and Topaz. The exotic alligator skin is also apparent on the inner screen bezel.

Both of the televisions are manufactured using Metz technology. With their exorbitant price tag, these television sets are allegedly the most expensive in the world.

Titan Zeus

Price: $1.6 million

Titan Zeus TV
Source: Titan Screens

The aptly named Titan Zeus, alluding to the powerful Greek God, claims the title is the largest television available on the market.

The behemoth is 370 inches and is attached to a 26 x 16-foot panel. The screen features an Ultra HD 4K resolution and has a 4:3 aspect ratio, per renderings, which isn’t as technologically advanced as the latest, more reasonably priced, 8K models.

Titan’s technology is engineered to create the most extraordinary home viewing experience, with their range designed and optimised for the home environment, forging an astonishing picture quality.

Despite Zeus being the most prestigious model by Titan, custom screens can be ordered from the company, whether its a waterproof TV employed to rise from a water feature or a curved screen to fit on your yacht. Titan can accommodate any shape or size to satisfy even your wildest fantasies.

If you are seeking an exclusive bespoke television set that will certainly make a statement then this is the model for you, with only four of its kind manufactured in the world.



Panasonic TH-152UX1W

Panasonic TH-152UX1W TV
Source: Money Inc

Price: $770, 000

Prior to the creation of the Titan Zeus, the Panasonic TH-152UX1W was the world’s largest television as of 2010. The television set is 152 inches and weighs 1,272 pounds.

The screen resolution is 4K2K, which was four times as many pixels as the high-definition standards at the time. Panasonic’s Albert depicts it as ideal “for use in a board room or large conference room for high-resolution graphics”.

Despite its size being overtaken by a more recent model, the feature that exceeds the Titan Zeus along with most oversize televisions is its 3D capability. The large screen accompanied by the full HD 3D screen requiring 3D eyewear providing an immersive experience where you could almost step into the screen.

C SEED Supermarine 144 & 201

Price: $680, 000

The world’s first real superyacht television, the C SEED Supermarine comes in two sizes, 144 and 201 inches. C SEEDs are designed to provide you with a cinematic viewing experience on your luxury superyacht.

C SEED discloses that the “most spectacular engineering achievement of the C SEED Supermarine TV is its unique hydraulic drive system”.

The innovative combination of vertical and horizontal drives retracts the large 201-inch screen into a shallow compartment of only 78 cm in depth, saving valuable space on and below decks. The C SEED takes only 15 seconds to rise to its astounding high of 9.8 feet with effortless ease. This is followed by the silent unfolding of the LED panels in the next 45 seconds and can rotate to up to 180o with just the push of a button with its radio remote control.

The C SEED is produced by a 4K media controller with HDR video control and distortion-free glass fiber transmission. The television also boasts high sound quality, even in strong winds due to its high-end sound system featuring two superyacht TV broadband speakers and one subwoofer.

This exceptional television set provides an outdoor TV screen of overwhelming brilliance along with an elegantly dominating, sculptural masterpiece of technology.

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By Sian McCaffery