The Mercedes Benz Style-ACH145: A Sky-High Level of Luxury

Even though their partnership has lasted over a decade, the ACH145 Mercedes-Benz Style continues to dominate the global market in private and corporate aviation; this ground-breaking fusion of automotive luxury and aviation finesse perfectly blended the style and engineering of between the luxury car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz, and the leading aerospace company, Airbus Helicopters. First produced in 2010, the ACH145 has withstood the test of time, with up to 26 unique creations of the model being produced and sold since its launch. The popularity of the collaborative model continues to grow, as the ACH145 has been the number one best-selling twin-engine helicopter for the last five years. 

The design was developed by the Chief Design Officer for Mercedes, Gordon Wagner, to encapsulate the brand’s creative principle of ‘Sensual Purity’. This is evident from the compact-sized exterior veiling the grand and lavish interior layout, showcasing the blend of minimalist and maximalist design elements that Mercedes-Benz is renowned for. The seating configuration is fully customisable, with space to accommodate between four to eight individual passenger seats and up to two pilots in the cockpit. Equally, all seating can be removed using the larger back opening to leave a large flat deck perfect for transporting deliveries.

The ACH145’s cabin interior is a testament to Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to providing an unparalleled passenger experience. The wooden and leather features give the cabin a luxurious and elegant style complimented by the choice of either a dark carpet or matching wooden flooring that customers can tailor to create a one-of-a-kind look. In addition to its high-end aesthetic, the interior demonstrates exceptional functionality in its design. With a fully integrated cabinet and multiple attachment points on the floor and walls, the ACH145 offers enough multipurpose storage to hold additional loads of up to 150kg. Moreover, with in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity, an advanced infotainment system, and enhanced comfort seating, the luxurious cabin design makes the journey as magnificent as the destination.

The engineering of ACH145 is an elevated version of Airbus’ H145 dual-engine helicopter, the brand’s previously highest-performing model, selling over 1,400 units worldwide and a total of more than five million flight hours. The ACH145 was upgraded with efficient Arriel 2E engines and a full-composite Fenestron shrouded tail rotor to create a comfortable flight experience with low noise levels (-8.5db external sound). Furthermore, the model has been equipped with the highest level of safety, using state-of-the-art Helionix digital flight deck features with 4-axis autopilot aids and a synthetic vision system that gives the pilot ultimate precision and 360-degree visibility. 

Maintenance for the ACH145 is streamlined, with tasks often completed during routine 400-hour and 800-hour annual inspections, leaving the helicopter available for operation throughout the year. The introduction of the D3 version in 2020 equipped the model with a new five-bladed main rotor, further enhancing the helicopter’s performance; there are currently 38 D3s in service, with up to two D3s listed for sale, ranging from $12.6-$14 million, at any given time.

The ACH145 showcases the relentless pursuit of excellence by Mercedes-Benz and Airbus Helicopters. Its winning combination of range, comfort, and reliability has maintained its popularity over the last ten years, with the present waitlist at approximately two years. As technology evolves and design values shift, the ACH145 still stands as a symbol of luxury and innovation in the skies, warranting the list price of $15 million. As time goes by, the ACH145 is set to maintain its position as a pioneer of high-end aviation, offering the epitome of extravagance in the air.