The Lanzador: Lamborghini’s First All-Electric Concept

2028 is the year Lamborghini will unveil its first all-electric Raging Bull. The renowned Italian marque has revealed its first all-electric concept, the Lanzador, at Monterey Car Week.

Lamborghini has previously been open about its EV plans with the unveiling of its estimated $2.7 billion “Direzione Cor Tauri” electrification strategy in 2021. The luxury car manufacturer said this strategy would culminate in the debut of its first battery-powered model towards the end of the decade. This vehicle may not be the Lanzador, but the brand states the concept provides a “concrete vision” of the upcoming production model and conveys their commitment to EV plans.

Source: Lamborghini

The car produced from the “Direzione Cor Tauri” plan will not just be the first Raging Bull EV. It will be the fourth member of its electrified lineup, joining the Revuelto, the Huracan’s hybrid successor and the Urus.

The Lanzador is a unique concept for Lamborghini’s manufacturers. It has been described as an “ultra GT” by CEO Stephen Winkelmann and visually a mix of the off-road-capable Huracan Sterrato and the Urus, with similarities to the Estoque concept from 2008. The sharp-edged design successfully executes the unique feat of simultaneously being bold and somewhat restrained. Additionally, the vehicle maintains the classic Lamborghini design due to its short nose, roofline and iconic lighting package.

The concept is a two-door but has the capacity to fit four full-grown adults as the 2+2 interior provides a generous cargo area. The cabin, made almost completely of sustainable materials from Italy, looks similar to that found in other Lamborghinis, only stretched out. Drivers and passengers benefit from their own widescreen digital displays with no huge touchscreen infotainment system placed atop the centre stack, further enhancing the futuristic design.

Source: Lamborghini

The luxury automobile brand assures the Lanzador will deliver the same performance drivers envisage from its supercars but also provide the daily versatility of the Urus. Its powertrain comprises two electric motors, with one positioned on each axle. This format ensures lasting all-wheel drive in any condition and a peak power output in excess of one megawatt. The cars receive power from a next-generation high-performance battery that will generate a “long-range”.

The marque has also stated that the new concept will produce a unique driving experience that gives more control to drivers. Lamborghini explains that drivers can expect to instantaneously adjust the EV’s road dynamics, aerodynamics and suspension via controls located on the steering wheel. This particular feature is something that is very likely to start appearing in the company’s vehicles sooner rather than later.

The iconic automaker plans to officially unveil its debut EV in 2028, with rumours circulating that the Lamborghini Lanzador will likely be destined for a limited production run. However, the technology produced will continue to be implemented in future series production models. So far, no prices have been released but the brand’s latest model, the hybrid Revulto, begins at an estimated $1.3 million.