The Bentley Centenary Opus- A Look Back at the Brand’s 100-Year History

To celebrate their 100th anniversary, Bentley has commemorated the occasion with a trio of books. However, these are no ordinary volumes as they share the brand’s philosophy of luxury and opulence and are as luxurious and exclusive as the cars themselves.

Source: Opus

The book, titled The Bentley Centenary Opus, covers the past century of Bentley’s history in meticulous detail across more than 800 pages. The story of the people, the cars, and the company itself comes to life in what may be the most ambitious book of its type ever written.

Maintaining the prestige and grandeur of the brand, the book’s foreword is written by none other than Ralph Lauren, the illustrious fashion designer, who himself is a collector of rare and precious possessions. The first nine chapters focus on the story of W.O. Bentley and his Le Mans racers before turning towards the manufacture of grand tourers, limited editions, and one-offs that display the highest quality design and craftsmanship the brand is known for.

The final chapter, titled ‘The Future’, gives current CEO Adrian Hallmark the chance to explore what the next century will bring for the car brand.

Source: Opus

Released in three editions, The Bentley Centenary Opus shares similarities with the vehicles shown inside it, deluxe and exclusive as ever. Each copy of the book features a genuine “Big B” crest on the cover, the exact same type you’d find on the hood and trunk lid of every Bentley car. All editions are leatherbound using the same herds used in Bentley’s trims, with buyers able to choose the specific colour of the leather.

Limited to 500 copies, the $4,900 Centenary Edition is covered in a choice of four shades of Bentley leather and includes a matching slipcase. 

 Even more exclusive is the Mulliner Edition, priced at over $20,600 and limited to just 100 copies. This version has a choice of 17 shades of Bentley leather and includes an exquisite hand-made, engine-turned aluminium slipcase.

 Inside the slipcase is a section of rubber from the left front tire of the 2003 Le Mans-winning Bentley Speed 8, allowing owners to possess a piece of the company’s illustrious history. Furthermore, the edition also includes 20”x24” Polaroid photos showcasing Bentley’s ten landmark cars, along with five watercolour art pieces painted on luxurious silk paper.

Source: Opus

Buyers of this edition will also receive a Bentley factory tour and a night’s stay at the 5-star Hotel Café Royal in London. 

Finally, the Carat Edition is limited to only seven copies worldwide and is encrusted with 100 carats of diamonds, plus a “Big B” crest made of white gold or platinum. Each of the seven copies represents a continent and are priced at a whopping $257,000 each.

At the front of each Centenary and Mulliner Edition are a selection of hand-stitched, ‘tailor-made’ pages that include photos of you, your Bentley, and other relevant milestones of Bentley ownership, allowing you to be a part of the brand’s history.