Sony’s $7.35 Million Dollar Television

Earlier this year, Sony unveiled the ultimate cinematic experience for the most opulent home environments – a 20 metre 16K Crystal LED TV. The impressive television system utilises modular technology, enabling it to accommodate any desired size and resolution. This can be from a standard 4.8 metre 4K television to an astounding 20 metre TV with 4 times as many horizontal pixels.

Sony Crystal 16K LED TV

The Crystal LED TV was originally intended for high end commercial cinemas, museums, boardrooms, theme parks and medical clinics. However, they have now extended this to consumers to install in their own living spaces. The Crystal LED is available for home installation through an exclusive group of specially trained and certified Sony dealers. 

This extraordinary product is supported by Sony’s award-winning technical support team along with additional design support resources, installation and maintenance on end-user’s applications provided by the company. Sony will also offer custom installer Crystal LED service training to enable the support team to remotely monitor and support displays after installation.

“Scaling this technology to residential installation marks a milestone in Sony’s efforts to get closer to consumers,” announced Mike Fasulo, president and chief operating officer at Sony North America. “Crystal LED delivers over a million-to-one contrast ratio, the most accurate light levels, low heat emission and a picture quality that is absolutely breathtaking. By offering the display in modular configurations, consumers now have an exciting new option for the transition from home projection systems and large-screen TVs.”

While the micro-LED technology works similarly to OLED, the modules (measuring 16×18 inches in size at 360 x 360 resolution possessing three tiny crystal LEDs per pixel) are far brighter, producing 1000 nits of brightness. This is despite the fact they are half the width of a single strand of human hair, which is 100 times smaller than traditional TV LED lights.

Sony 16K Crystal LED TVThe television displays 133 million pixels at up to 120 times per second, equating to extremely high resolution with razor-sharp motion rendition far superior to conventional video. The spectacular screen also features a 99 percent black mounting area to provide a high contrast ratio of 1,000,000 to 1. The 10-bit colour offers more than a billion possible colours, with the traditional 8-bit displays showing around 16 million colours. This allows deeper, richer colour, smooth gradients and accurate greyscale rendition, producing a hyper-realistic display. Blur-free images can be enjoyed with high frame rates of up to 120p as well as virtually a 180 degree viewing angle.

The Crystal LED’s impressive display recently obtained a prestigious 2019 Display Industry Award for “Display of the Year” from the Society of Information Display in recognition of its “unprecedented visual experience”.

These exquisite features come with a high price tag. Each module reportedly costs approximately $14,000. This would price the 4K television set (with 72 modules) at $1,050,000, and the 16K screen (possessing 576 modules) would be $7.35 million. On top of this, the cost to install the television set in your home is approximately $877,000.

If your home cinema or super yacht is yearning for the ultimate display to match its environment, then this luxury television set is for you.

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By Sian McCaffery