Silversea: Seven Continent World Luxury Cruise

Legends of Cruising 2020: Silversea has created the first ever seven-continent luxury cruise, for those wishing to see the world without the effort of organising connecting flights and accommodation. With the first 2020 trip having just departed, guests will need to have a spare 140-180 days free to fully indulge in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Silversea Legends of Cruising Bon Voyage
Source: Silversea

The luxurious Silversea Cruise vessel; Silver Whisper will dock in 62 different destinations, across a total of 32 countries, and all 7 continents, including the Antarctic Peninsular over three days. Guests will be able to indulge in 33 off-boat experiences and multiple on-board highlights.

An Exclusive Bon Voyage – this experience is exactly what it sounds like; a social gathering before the cruise begins. Hosted at The Breakers, an extremely luxurious resort in Palm Beach, Florida, for all guests, the cruise line’s President and CEO all gather to socialise and meet before the journey commences.

A Cocktail Around the World – Legends of Cruising World Cruise 2020 have pioneered a new cocktail program for those on-board. This experience immerses guests in sailing destinations through regional drinks and local ingredients, as well as fascinating stories and background information behind each drink. The cocktail program will comprise of 62 different cocktails and create a special memory for each destination visited. During this experience, guests will learn to mix their own beverages in cocktail masterclasses and will sample new beverage recipes and discover new flavours.

Silversea Cruising Exclusive Bon Voyage Party
Source: Silversea

An Enhanced World Cruise Experience –  The world cruise is comprised of a fresh, brand new 33 on-shore experiences. Depending on the likes of each guest, they can choose from a variety of activities such as musical or culinary journeys. Whilst cruising in the Antarctic Peninsular, the Silversea’s Expedition Team will lead a tour for guests where they will most likely be able to see penguins, seals and other unique animals in their environment.

If these experiences weren’t enough to convince the eager traveller, then the trademark level or service and luxury should do it. All guests will be provided with the personalised service of a butler; a 24-hour in-suite dining service; a bottle of champagne on arrival and a drinks bar; fine dining, including complimentary caviar on demand, canapés and rich offering of seafood and steak; and an array of other inclusive amenities.

The standard price starts at a cool $90,000 and can increase to as much as $350,000 dependent on the suite and other opulent amenities available throughout the four-month journey.

The next trip will commence in 2021, so the opulent traveller has time to get ready for the experience of a lifetime.

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