Seabourn Cruises and Private Jet Service

Seabourn is a major luxurious cruise ship company that accommodates guests with above and beyond facilities and services. A new Private Jet service is just one of them, allowing guests to fly privately from ports to the cruise ship. There are multiple cruise ships available for selection depending on which cruise route is desired.

Seabourn Encore Exterior of Ship
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Seabourn has designed a new and improved service that accommodates to the most opulent travellers. A Private Jet service will take guests to new heights, allowing them to travel in style and with efficiency. There are three types of jet’s available, depending on how many people are attending the cruise. With the largest jet accommodating to sixteen people, the experience would be worthwhile.

The Private Jets don’t only provide luxurious arrivals and timely travel, but also supplies guests with extreme comfort and satisfaction. The Jets include features such as a valet luggage service, on-board Wifi, and complimentary food and drink including Caviar and Champagne. Not only does the Private Jet ensure flight travel to and from the cruise ship, but they can also organise and provide further travel to other airports or home. The Private Jet service is worth noting that the payment is based on the type of aircraft not the number of seats occupied.

Seabourn Private Jet Service
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Once arriving on the chosen cruise ship, the deluxe experiences don’t stop there. Each ship has a large variety of suites and endless onboard activities that guests can choose from.

Seabourn Encore is one of the larger cruise ships, providing 300 suites to choose from. The four different kinds of suites are the Veranda Suite, the Penthouse Suite, the Penthouse Spa Suite and the Owner’s Suite and Above; these are also the names on every cruise ship.

Each suite has its own private veranda or balcony, some bigger than others depending on the suite but all provide spectacular views wherever the cruise ship may be.

Not only are the suites incredible, guests have the opportunity to explore onboard activities and facilities. These can range from the fitness centre to the Skybar. Encore Ship provides guests with a spa and wellness centre, ‘The Retreat’ which is a dining area centred around a whirlpool spa where guests can eat, drink and watch TV on the endless flatscreens in each cabana, and ‘The Patio’ which is a relaxation area located around the pool also offering food and drink.

Seabourn Interior Suite
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They also provide in-suite dining and many other restaurants and bars.

Seabourn is in the midst of creating their newest ship, scheduled to be launched in June 2021. This cruise ship is to be called Seabourn Venture and will be ultra-luxurious, incorporating two custom-built submarines carried onboard which will provide an unforgettable view of the deeper ocean.

The Venture Ship will provide guests with different onboard activities, some of these will include; the Discovery Centre where guests can go and participate in active learning about natural history and cultural programming. They are also introducing an Expedition Lounge for those willing to make new friends in a comfortable environment with a refreshing cocktail or a glass of fine wine.

Not only are the activities new, they have also improved the suites. The Owner’s Suite and Above accommodation option is double floored with magnificent views from the bedroom and a comfortable, spacious living area.

Seabourn cruises create the perfect option for a family holiday or a private romantic getaway. With amazing on-board activities, luxurious suites and incredible cruise routes, there’s no wonder it’s first choice for many travellers.

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