Savouring La Dolce Vita: Hotel La Palma Awakens a New Season in the Heart of Capri

Indulge in the splendour of the exquisite Hotel La Palma in Capri, Italy as it has opened its doors once more, heralding the dawn of a new season. Since its grand unveiling  in June last year, this elegant and unique Mediterranean retreat on the Italian island, crowned as the first Oetker Collection Masterpiece Hotel in Italy, invites discerning travellers to experience unmatched luxury.

Rooted in a rich history that can be traced back two centuries to its inception in 1822, Hotel La Palma has an air of timeless sophistication. Thus, to ensure  its guests an authentic Italian experience, the hotel features a restaurant, bar, and terrace that runs under the culinary genius of Chef Gennaro Esposito, owner of the two-Michelin Star restaurant Torre del Saracino in Naples, Italy, alongside Dario Gentile as the Food and Beverage Director. Gennaro’s, the star of Hotel La Palma, takes guests back to the Capri of the 1950s as they savour Chef Esposito’s culinary masterpieces. Gourmands alike can expect to encounter his signature dishes that feature locally sourced ingredients and are expertly finished and portioned right at their tables for that elevated theatrical dining experience.

Then, there’s the La Palma Bar & Terrace which serves as Capri’s luxurious front room. Here, guests have the perfect vantage point of Capri’s bustling streets while they are pampered with impeccable service. By day, guests bask in the warmth of the Mediterranean, enjoying aromatic coffee, fresh juices, and delectable pastries, as well as flavourful pastas, salads, and snacks. They can also indulge in house-made gelato that is perfectly complemented by a great selection of Rose wines. As twilight descends, La Palma turns into the ultimate spot for an aperitivo where guests have front-row seats to Via Vittorio Emanuele, which is known to be the best fashion runway in all of Italy.

Moving to Hotel La Palma’s peak, an oasis awaits as it houses a grand rooftop pool overlooked by the underrated and elegant Aqua Bar. An ode to the “classic Capri” from the golden age of the century, this exclusive enclave offers guests an innovative and interesting cocktail menu that is paired with Chef Esposito’s delectably healthy creations.

Another highlight of the hotel is the Bianca rooftop garden and lounge bar where guests have a spectacular view of the Capri Village and the sea on the horizon. Within Bianca also lies the renowned Josper Charcoal Oven which has risen in fame for bringing guests unmatched flavour and depth in their dishes. Traditional cooking is transcended in this world-famous restaurant, allowing for a dining experience like no other that is exclusive to hotel guests. Then, as nights unfold in this cutting-edge garden and lounge bar, a glamorous and chic atmosphere envelops guests, especially once they begin to indulge in the vintage champagne and playful cocktails offered. To top it off, vibrant music and a live DJ fuel the party for an unforgettable night.

For those seeking a more quaint atmosphere by the sea, the Gioia by La Palma beach club awaits. Guests can personally drive to the club as it is nestled just along the southern coast of the island. Gioia by La Palma is a sanctuary of sun-kissed serenity where long lunches curated by Chef Pasquale Cuomo can be enjoyed, and it offers a separate private beach where up to eight guests are attended luxuriously by a dedicated team.

Hotel La Palma stands in true Italian fashion with its trifecta of haute cuisine, exclusive luxury amenities, and personalised experiences which is why It’s no surprise that it marks the Oetker Colection’s first debut in Italy. The hotel is a testament to the charm and decadence of old-school luxury and chic sophistication.