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SARAH & SEBASTIAN: Ethical, Handcrafted Luxury On Your Wrist

In a world of mass production and needless waste, the fine-jewellery brand SARAH & SEBASTIAN offers a breath of fresh air. This Australian brand prides itself on combining its founding principles of understated luxury and avant-garde innovation to create beautifully handcrafted pieces from ethically sourced materials. Every item is meticulously handmade in their Sydney-based studio, lending to each piece a refined self-expression.

Sarah & Sebastian

The jewellery created by SARAH & SEBASTIAN is expertly moulded from sterling silver and 9 karat gold such that they possess an almost-organic quality. Taking inspiration from nature and utilising the highest quality precious stones and pearls, the brand’s jewellers aspire to conceive balanced designs with unique details through a multi-disciplinary process.

Through this comprehensive process undertaken by master artists, it is no wonder that these exceptional pieces are internationally recognised by brands such as Harper’s BAZAAR and Vogue.

SARAH & SEBASTIAN co-founders Sarah Gittoes and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki met whilst studying abroad, and through their collective love of modern yet classic designs, the brand was born. With Gittoes’ Honours Bachelor of Design degree and Grynkofki’s background in industrial design and as a goldsmith, the label prioritises collaboration, both in and out of house. The emphasis on collaboration is evident through the company’s many partnerships with brands such as Dion Lee and Hatmaker.

Sarah Gittoes is the Creative Director of the label, advising the creative direction of seasonal collections as well as supervising the overall aesthetic of each design generated.  As the other half of the pair, Robert Grynkofki rounds out the brand as the Managing Director. Grynkofki guides business operations, product development and manages the team of jewellers.

Sarah & Sebastian jewellery

The talented team of gold- and silver-smiths have developed alluring collections of stunning ornaments for women as well as men with their handsome M collection. The talent of these artisans has caught the attention of many, which has led to the brand being stocked in local and worldwide companies such as Colette, SPACE @ Nordstrom, and Harrods.

For a relaxed and convenient experience, SARAH & SEBASTIAN also has an online store for any purchase. For those who are looking for a more personal and extravagant experience, SARAH & SEBASTIAN also have a showroom in Alexandria which may be viewed by appointment.

Each artisan at the luxury label has a highly valued unique skillset. The jewellers are encouraged to work with each other, combining their individual artistries to create new and one-of-a-kind designs. With each item made to order, and the work ethos of individual mastery, the label is looking to offer the highest quality experience to all customers.

Another sector where SARAH & SEBASTIAN outperforms their competitors is around the ethical considerations within the entire creative process. The founders of the label ensured that they use local, reputable suppliers for all materials sourced so that they minimise any environmental impact of the company. 

Sarah & Sebastian craftsman

The local metal merchant collaborating with the brand is the largest in Australia and invests in the most advanced equipment available in the industry. The metal merchant ensures an efficient and environmentally-friendly process with a minimal carbon footprint. Through this cooperation, SARAH & SEBASTIAN acquire the highest grade materials from recycled products.

Similarly, the label’s precious stone and pearl suppliers are trusted partners, who guarantee their products are from legitimate sources through written certificates ensuring their true value.

Furthermore, the brand has taken the time and effort to ensure all stones and pearls are conflict-free and follow United Nation regulations. Most necessarily, all diamonds supplied and used are ethically sourced and of the utmost quality.

In this age of fast-fashion and unjust companies, SARAH & SEBASTIAN defy expectations. Creating timeless pieces in an honest and humane manner, the brand is a true statement of affluence and integrity in today’s crowded market.

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By McKenzie Downey