New Restaurants Coming to Crown Sydney

Crown Sydney a'Mare
Source: Crown Sydney

After the news that Nobu will be coming to Crown Sydney in December, the new franchise has released the other opulent restaurants that will be joining alongside the award-winning eatery.

Nationally acclaimed and award-winning Sydney chef and restaurateur, Alessandro Pavoni will be bringing classic Italian fine dining to Crown Sydney in his latest venture, a’Mare. Known to be a pioneer of modern Italian food, Alessandro will go back to his traditional roots with a’Mare. Staying true to the origins of Italian cooking, he has designed a menu featuring traditional dishes representing the best of each region in Italy. Alessandro’s culinary philosophy will champion local and sustainable produce from the New South Wales region, as well as specialised Italian ingredients.

Sydney dining’s award winning couple, chef Ross Lusted and Sunny Lusted, are set to open their latest restaurant, Woodcut, at Crown Sydney in December 2020. Woodcut will provide Sydney-siders with a unique dining experience that celebrates Australian produce and cooking with wood, charcoal and steam. This concept was inspired by Ross and Sunny’s travels and the memories evoked by meals cooked in a slow wood burning oven or over an open fire, and the earthy flavours it creates.

Crown Sydney Woodcut
Source: Crown Sydney

Authenticity and simple flavours will be celebrated at Woodcut. Diners can expect dishes prepared in wood and charcoal grills, wood ovens and steam kettles. Local produce will also play a star role, including Bruny Island Mussels, Fraser Island Spanner Crabs, O’Connor Beef, Maremma wild raised Ducks, Camden Valley Veal and Malfroy’s Honey from the Blue Mountains.

Crown Sydney Chef Yoshii
Source: Crown Sydney

Ryuichi Yoshii, known as “Yoshii” will open an Omakase restaurant at Crown Sydney, as part of the much-anticipated culinary line up. Renowned as one of the leading Omakase sushi masters in Australia, Chef Yoshii has over 38 years’ experience having worked across Japan and Australia where he gained notoriety for his precise sushi style, mixed with a modern and creative take on ingredient combinations. In what will be an intimate 12-seat restaurant set inside the entrance to Nobu, Yoshii’s Omakase at Nobu is designed to create a unique dining take on the Omakase tradition. Diners will be engaged in the cooking process, with chef Yoshii preparing their meal in front of them in an intimate personal setting.

These restaurants all open in Crown Sydney in December at the end of this year, and will surely become a popular dining experience for many Sydney-siders and visitors alike.

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