Porsche: The Future Sports Car Is All Electric

Porsche has been building luxury sports cars since 1931. Now, this renowned automobile manufacturer has a vibrant vision for the future and it all electric. A sustainable vehicle combining the latest in digital technology with everything motor enthusiasts desire is Porsche’s recipe for success. This vision has birthed the creation of two brilliant concept studies in the Mission E and Mission E Cross Turismo.

Porsche Luxury Car

Building on these two successes, Porsche recently announced the Tycan, their first roadworthy model of a fully electric sports car. The Tycan is projected to be commercial in Australia in 2020 and is currently available to pre-order for those who desire to remain on the cutting-edge of automobile technology.

The team responsible for these innovations and assigned the task of designing the sports car of the future is the E-performance division. True to Porsche’s legacy, E-performance’s aim is to seamlessly blend eco-friendly features with an uncompromising luxurious architecture to deliver a vehicle with maximised driving pleasure. On top of this, E-performance is also releasing a complete charging infrastructure to fully complement the contemporary designs, stating it as a “one platform for everything”.

Mission E is the first concept car conceived by this team and its success acts as a platform for further experimentation. This vehicle is the realisation of E-performance’s perceived idea of pure electric manoeuvrability. It maintains the sleek ultra-sporty style of a Porsche with four doors, four seats and, two luggage compartments – one in the boot, and a second under the hood.

Porsche Car Luxury

Evolving from this initial creation is the revised Mission E Cross Turismo. With compact electric motors and a sporty flyline, this all-electric sports car is fit for an active and lavish lifestyle. The Mission E Cross Turismo takes inspiration from design elements of other Porsche models such as the 911 for its vertical air intakes and the classic Turismo with the rear design.

Due to its electric nature, this sleek vehicle has no combustion engine, exhaust system, or transmission tunnel. Subsequently driving is surprisingly quiet even though the supercar has an equivalent of a six hundred horsepower system (440kW). To top this all off is a driving range of over five hundred kilometres (NEDC) on a single charge. Additionally, for those who are short on time, due to an eight hundred volt technology with only fifteen minutes of charge this automobile can run for up to four hundred kilometres.

Following in the footsteps of its concept predecessors is the roadworthy model Tycan. The Tycan demonstrates the vision of its two forefathers and will be the first commercial electric sports car with the heart of a Porsche. Currently, Porsche is keeping the fine details under wraps, but it’s safe to say that if the work of the previous e-models continues in this car it’ll be a great success.

One factor Porsche believes is a key to success when concerning these electric models is intricate and practical Porsche Car Exteriorcharging infrastructureE-performance’s “one platform of everything” does not just stop at the base charging framework but also extends to apps and services allowing you to remotely control your car. Through the new Porsche Connect app, you will be able to connect with your Porsche in a variety of ways from remotely checking the charging progress, to heating up your vehicle ahead of time so that it’s at a comfortable temperature.

Porsche is a company ubiquitous in the world of top-of-the-line luxury sports cars, and through the development of innovative environmentally friendly technology, they’re ensuring that status holds well into the future. The model Tycan is an automobile to watch, mixing an opulent sports car with complimentary apps and services the Tycan is so much more than just a mode of transport.



By McKenzie Downey

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