Pinchy’s: Melbourne’s New Pink Bar

Pinchy's Food Selection
Source: Pinchy’s

Pinchy’s is Melbourne’s new millennial pink champagne and lobster bar, arriving in perfect time for the summer. Located on the bustling Bourke Street in Melbourne, it is soon to become a local favourite. With everything from banquette seating to the glasses of bubbles and bright neon lobster claw, there’s nothing not to like about this impressive restaurant.

The venue is perfect for all occasions, especially for those who love the colour pink and a glass of bubbly. With the pink lobster, the rose gold chandelier, pink suede seating, and soft-pink overtone tabletops, consider it the perfect pink-lover venue. The restaurant and bar was designed by Brand Works, who are well known for creating and designing inviting, colourful and playful hospitality spaces.

Pinchy's Famous Lobster Roll
Source: Pinchy’s

The food menu has been created by executive chef Pierre Khodja, whom dishes up the famous lobster roll that has made Pinchy’s well-known. Other tapas style dishes include Oysters, Clams, Crab Tacos, Scallops, Calamari, Prawns, Octopus, Muscles Chowder, and a few vegetarian and vegan dishes are also available.

Pinchy’s extensive drinks menu has a clear Champagne focus, as it is the perfect beverage to accompany lobster. However, other drinks include an extensive wine list, as well as refreshing cocktails. Some of the most famous and unique cocktails consist of the Pop Lobster, Mediterranean Slipper, Ocean Eyes and Queen Anne, additionally, there are also some classics like mojito’s, espresso martini’s, and margarita’s.

Pinchy’s also has incredible balcony views right in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, perfect for a relaxing afternoon. Pinchy’s are now taking bookings for the Christmas period. For big groups of between six to twelve people, the staff provide private booths for these groups and offer’s Pinchy’s signature menu and a delicious drink package.

Pinchy's Seafood Selection
Source: Pinchy’s

Additionally, for large functions, staff will book out the exclusive balcony for groups of up to 75 people. Overlooking Bourke Street, this group will get to experience a DJ booth with stylish fittings, and a unique menu of cocktails and canapés. This booking is ideal for corporate events and Christmas parties.

As many people these days are always curious to where their food comes from, Pinchy’s sources their renowned lobster and king crab from “sustainable fisheries in Maine and Alaska in the USA”. Noted on the website, “these naturally pristine waters are protected from pollution, waste and over-fishing. World-leading environmental standards not only preserve a delicate resource but also offer the best in quality and taste when it comes to delicious seafood.”

Pinchy’s is the perfect restaurant and bar to relax over the weekend, indulge in delicious seafood and spoil yourself in unique cocktails. The restaurant is open from 11.30am to Late, Wednesday to Sunday.

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