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The North Pole is an extremely difficult area to access at almost all times of the year, however, during the special month of April, Luxury Action are making it possible. The pop-up hotel consists of ten heated igloos and is the perfect opportunity for high-end customers to spend the night in one of the world’s most beautiful and untouched locations.

North Pole Igloo Northern Lights
Source: Business Insider

The igloos are located at the Earth’s northernmost point and are insulated enough to keep customers warm and untouched by the naturally freezing temperatures. The igloo comes with an en suite bathroom and a glass ceiling roof and wall, providing guests with unbelievable views at all times of their stay. Although the offer is a once in a lifetime experience, it doesn’t come cheap. At a cool $150,000 per person, you’re lucky there’s a chance of seeing the Northern Lights in action.

The North Pole can basically only be reached by helicopter in April and by ship in June and July, with only 1000 people visiting each year. Due to the lack of tourism and lack of people safely visiting, there are no luxurious and comfortable accommodation options for travellers. Luxury Action has changed the way for lucky adventurous explorers. The company is extremely helpful when organising your trip and getting you there safely and securely.

North Pole Igloo Interior
Source: Business Insider

Your $150,000 trip to the North Pole with Luxury Action covers a two night stay in Svalbard (the last main town between mainland Norway and the North Pole), flights and logistics to and from the North Pole, a one night stay in the North Pole Igloos and all meals and guided tours.

The whole experience begins once you arrive in Svalbard. After a two night stay, guests will take a two-hour helicopter ride to a North Pole ice camp. After arriving there, guests will be transported to the glacier where the igloos are located at the time.

During the stay, guests will also have access to an on-site camp manager, an Arctic wilderness guide, a chef and a security team. Before the trip sets off, guests also have the option to spend a few nights in the company’s hotel Octola, which is an opulent five-star lodge. Here they will undergo North Pole training, for an additional cost.

North Pole Igloo Northern Lights
Source: Business Insider

Throughout the year, to prevent igloos remaining in the one spot, they moved around the Arctic to the safest places due to weather conditions. By doing so, this gives more access to the public, for example, if the igloos are based at Svalbard it is much easier for guests to travel to that location. Making the igloos accessible at other times of the year other than just April is extremely beneficial to Luxury Action.

The company has been operating within the North Pole for years and acknowledges it as one of the most exclusive travel destinations in the world. Luxury Action is extremely conscious of the environment and climate change, understanding the impacts this has on the lives of those in the arctic, as well as the animals and nature there too. Thus, the company prides itself in making sure the igloos are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

This is an extremely rare and special opportunity provided to those extreme, high-end customers. Book now to make sure you can make it in the month of April and see the Northern Lights like nowhere else before.

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