NOHrD Eco Sports Luxury

Your eco gym is here; NOHrD brings us naturally thought of gym equipment for commercial and home use. Design to be stylish and made to compliment any space it occupies.

Who or what is NOHrD you may ask; the name itself derives from the location of the company’s headquarter. On their website it is broken down as “NOH” which refers to their home city Nordorn and the “D” represents Deutschland (Germany). 

They are committed to manufacturing high quality equipment using wood only sourced from sustainably managed forests in Germany and the US so you can be assured that no wildlife has lost their home in the making of this distinctive item. The wood is strategically taken young for aesthetic purposes with the aim to keep it as raw as possible, basically trying to achieve a forever young look. Being as natural as possible over the years you will see your beautiful chosen piece gradually become darker as nature intended. Each product is has its own character as the raw wood varies in colour, unique just like us. 

Keeping to ISO 9001 quality standards, which means they are committed to constantly providing the highest standard of products whilst continuing to improve. Staying in-line with this standard sustainable leather is carefully prepared and has not gone through the normal chemical enhancement trying to maintain its rawness, just like the wood.  Not only does it have a natural leather scent but also has a high skin tolerance, which means your product will last.

Each product is handcrafted to be ergonomic using precision technology, high level of attention to detail you can be assured these products are not mass made. 

When designing each piece comfort is also at the forefront of importance. Not only are they functional but also aesthetically pleasing, hard to peel your eyes away you will start to wonder how you ever lived without one. 

They may not be the cheapest on the market but when you are gaining a one of a kind state of the art product it will be hard to compare NOHrD with others on the market as you will not find many brands offering such remarkable, hand made and natural gym equipment.

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