Ferrari F8 Tributo

Ferrari have yet again delivered with the unveiling of their new mid-rear engine sports car. The new car is set to replace the 488 GTB, with improvements across the board, providing a better overall driving experience for Ferrari enthusiasts. This 710 horsepower machine boasts Ferrari’s most powerful V8 to date while also sporting twin-turbos providing that special Ferrari performance “wow” factor the brand is known for. Even with the additional 50 horsepower, lighter body weight and a 10% improvement in aerodynamics, Ferrari have managed to maintain the luxury, usable driving experience their fans love. The Ferrari F8 Tributo is the product of sophisticated architecture allowing optimal weight balance and exceptional communicative driving.

Ferrari Tributo Exterior
Source: Magazine Ferrari

The sophisticated engine delivers 710 horsepower without the slightest hint of turbo lag and produces a powerful sound that will undoubtedly leave you impressed. To match such incredible power output is a handling system that allows the users to feel secure and in control when behind the wheel.

The interior of the car is equipped with a smaller steering wheel which adds to the cars tactility level while also creating the sensation of a more agile vehicle. Weight reduction was also a focal point for Ferrari as the F8 has cut its dry weight by 40kg compared to the existing 488 GTB, adding to the cars responsiveness.

The F8 has state-of-the-art aerodynamics allowing the driver to make the most of the enormously powerful engine. The F8 Tributo’s aero package has been developed from track cars, with some features taken from the existing 488 Pista design to help manage the heat produced by the engine.

Such design features include, the rearward-angled front radiators and the dynamic engine air intakes positioned either side of the spoilers. The front of the car is largely characterised by the S-Duct, as previously featured on the 488 Pista, that has been re-imagined to suit the extensive modifications made to the car. The result of the S-Duct alone is an overall 15% increase in downforce compared to that of the 488 Pista. The new compact horizontal LED headlights have also allowed Ferrari to incorporate new brake cooling intake in combination to those on the outside of the car with the aim of improving airflow throughout the entire wheel arch which has allowed Ferrari to avoid increasing the size of the braking system.

Ferrari Tributo Interior
Source: Magazine Ferrari

The cabin of the vehicle remain true to typical Ferrari fashion, sporty, edgy, luxury and extreme. With such a driver-oriented cockpit, the driver is provided with everything they need to control such a machine. The new generation Human Machine Interface, redesigned air vents, new steering wheel, and new 8.5 inch passenger touchscreen display, are all aimed at enhancing the on-board experience for both the driver and passenger.

Ferrari have once again been successful in providing their supporters with an exceptional sports car that is inline with the Ferrari style, performance and elegance. The Ferrari F8 Tributo is the sports car of 2020 and is something Ferrari fans everywhere are waiting eagerly to get their hands on. The Ferrari F8 Tributo will cost $484,888 for the basic model which will be appearing in showrooms from early 2020.

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