Miss Dior Parfum Is Reinvented With A New Jasmine and Ambery Woods Fragrance

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Christian Dior reinvents the Miss Dior perfume with a new fragrance which is a tribute to the original 1947 Miss Dior Paris Eau De Toilette. Miss Dior Parfum has recently been launched at the beginning of this year (2024), labelled as a poetic muse of Starry Jasmine. 

Miss Dior Parfum combines Shimmering mandarin and amber woods in a vibrant and radiant blend, capturing the youthful and captivating spirit of Miss Dior in a powerful and luminous composition. Reinvented by Francis Kurkdjian, this new release is a powerful immersion of fruity flowers which reveals a wild strawberry facet that created a scent of youth and happiness. 

In 1947, Miss Dior emerged from a fervent impulse, driven by the urgent need to rekindle joy in women’s lives and reignite their appreciation for the vibrant hues of love. Amidst an upsetting era, this fragrance represented a resurgence of happiness, poetry, and harmony for Christian Dior. Miss Dior captivates, inspires, and gestures to us that celebrate love and the world’s splendour.

Source: Dior Spain

Miss Dior is the first perfume that Christian Dior ever worked on. The quote by Christian Dior about the first Miss Dior perfume in 1947 inspired Francis Kurkdjian to create his own narrative for a reinvention of Miss Dior.  Christian Dior’s quote for the first Miss Dior was that ‘the perfume was born of those evenings in Provence, alive with fireflies, where young Jasmine plays a descant to the melody of the night and the land’. In this reinvention, Francis describes that the new Miss Dior is an interplay between flowers and woods, finding much more fruity jasmine with a modified strawberry facet attempting to transform into wild strawberry and then sparkle between the gourmandise and jasmine harmony.

The Miss Dior Parfum 2024 reinvention uses the same fabric bow as the Miss Dior Eau de Parfum released in 2021. The sophisticated yet subtly playful Miss Dior bow, known as a “poignard” or “swallow’s tail,” serves as a universal signature, recognized as a hallmark of couture distinction. Today, it undergoes a luxurious transformation, embodying exceptional savoir-faire. The ribbon that adorns the bottle’s neck is meticulously crafted at the prestigious workshop of one of France’s most esteemed ribbon-makers, renowned for their decades-long commitment to haute couture showcases. The Fragrance is dressed in a sparkling silver bow crafted from luxurious poignard fabric, a few centimetres of pure opulence tied around the bottle’s neck. The beautifully crafted fabric ribbon took months of hard work using a jacquard ribbon and traditional weaving looms using over 12,000 stitches and over 369 threads at every centimetre. 

Source: Dior Spain

This newly reinvented fragrance of the Miss Dior Parfum is exceptionally meaningful due to its tribute to the original Miss Dior. The new fragrance is much stronger and lasts longer than previous perfumes. The fragrance has not yet reached Australia however it will hit Australian stores at the earliest, the 21st of April 2024. The perfume is available in bottles of 35ml, 50ml, and 80ml.

Francis Kurkdijan brought life to this fragrance with the gorgeous story of sparkling florals and fruitiness with delicate woody depths and sweetness that created the perfect combination for a testimonial fragrance.