Millionaire Margarita

Attention all cocktail lovers! Feast your eyes on this marvellous, magical margarita creation. An absolute delight for tequila fanatics, this pricey cocktail is as expensive and tantalizing as it sounds.

Behold – Millionaire Margarita. It looks like a sparkly cloud swirling in an orange pool of tequila happiness. Poured into a fine glass coupe to serve, what makes this cocktail so unique and special is not only the quality ingredients but the experience.

Made exclusively by Bar Patrón, a talented bartender will roll a very suave trolley up to your table to make this spectacular drink.

They will start by adding native Australian finger lime pearls to the base of a coupe glass and blasting them with liquid nitrogen to flash-freeze. This technique is not just a gratuitous use of smoke for theatrics.

Ryan Gavin, the Bar Manager, explains, “The pearls freeze at -200C. When they flash freeze like that and then return to the liquid, they soak up some of that liquid much better. The pearls pop and give you the warmth of tequila within the freshness of the drink”.

The bartender will then mix 30ml of 150-year old Grand Marnier Cuvee du Cent Cinquantenaire, agave nectar, and freshly pressed lime juice in a cocktail shaker. They will add 45ml of the top shelf Patron liquor, Gran Burdeos. Tequila that has aged in Bordeaux oak and cognac barrels produce a rich and deep colour.

It is then shaken with ice and double-strained over the circular sphere placed in the coupe. This top-notch tipple is then spritzed with Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac and garnished with a delicate edible gold leaf and bee.

The decadent cocktail is priced at a cool $100 a pop, a tag that is reflective of its quality and charming taste.

Located at 2 Phillip Street, Circular Quay, Bar Patrón is a Mexican restaurant and is accompanied by Patrón’s first-ever tequila venue. You can sit at an exquisite oversized Carrara marble bar and enjoy breathtaking views of the Harbour Bridge and waterfront while sipping on this little slice of luxury. Alternatively, you can enjoy their gorgeous hacienda-inspired bistro and eat off the full menu.

The venue is a collaboration between tequila brand Patrón and Neil Perry from the Rockpool Dining Group. They first united to throw an afterparty for the World’s 50 Best Restaurant awards in 2017, and the relationship flourished.

Speaking on Patrón, Perry said, “They originally wanted to do a taco truck, but in New South Wales, it would just be impossible to do a truck with a license to pour tequila”. Instead, they turned the former Café Nice into the popular and successful Bar Patrón, which is there today. Their brilliance and creative genius resulted in creating the splendid Millionaire Margarita that we can enjoy today.