Melbourne’s Sky Garage – Neue Grand

The new high-end apartment block, Neue Grand, coming soon to Melbourne, is an exclusive one-off for residents to park two of their favoured vehicles in their luxury suites. In a prestige location on St Kilda Road, the cutting-edge architecture of the building allows for a magnificent view of both the city and the sea. The local developer of Neue Grand – Growland and designer Rothelowman, have created these exquisite plans, but are still waiting for the lift-system that transports the cars to be reviewed.

Apartment Sky Garage
Source: Domain

The incredible 20-story building has fingerprint recognition for each apartment, which takes up a whole floor, making it only available for 19 lucky residents.

Despite waiting for the lift-system review to be set in stone, the apartments are hopeful to launch in the coming months, with an estimated price of $6 million each.

The exterior of the building has a sleek vibe, incorporating striking glass and metalwork that reflects the bright city lights and the nearby ocean.

Additionally, the interior is just as impressive, featuring private balconies, six-star concierge service offering everyday access to taxis and chauffeurs, and dry cleaning and laundry. The concierge system also offers the organisation of personal training, yoga classes, pet services, event planning, catering, beauty and fashion-related appointments.

The marble finished lobby allows for a luxurious entrance and welcoming area to a place the residents can call home. Within the apartments, each floor encapsulates the incredible panoramic views of the city, viewable from the open-plan design.

Interior of Apartment
Source: Vogue

Each apartment has the perfect amount of natural light, allowing each resident to choose from a dark interior or lighter tones. Through retractable glass doors, the kitchen and dining area opens up to the outdoor terrace. Additionally, each apartment includes three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a powder room, a study room, a laundry, a butler’s pantry and a stylish private lobby entrance.

The sky garage is an Australian first German-engineered system that will allow residents to park their own luxury vehicles in the apartment. They will be transported in a state-of-the-art technology via a lift and will be displayed in a glass box; like a piece of art.

“Neue Grand will appeal to buyers that are typically hard to impress; they want to see something they have never seen before and they will spare no expense for the sake of quality design and avant-garde opulence,” – Growland chief executive Ronald Chan

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By Tayla Watt