Marvelous Creations: The Latest Collection by Harry Winston

Marvelous Creations is a unique collection of animal-inspired high jewellery and timepieces by American jeweller Harry Winston. The brilliant collection pays homage to the role that nature has in inspiring many Harry Winston pieces. Each piece in the collection is a trophy of accomplishment for Harry Winston’s designers. 

Most of the collection is divided into smaller groups, where all pieces in a group are complementary. Alongside, being complementary the groups are based on where the animals can be found; the three groups are From Land, To Water, and The Skies Above. One other group is Deep Within the Earth, which focuses on gemstone treasures that are discovered underground. 

From Land

The star piece of From Land is the Blue Python Timepiece, a stunning platinum watch set with 38.9-carats of blue sapphires and 17.31-carats of diamonds. The diamonds and sapphires are arranged in a way that mimics the pattern on python’s scales. The Blue Python is also available as a necklace. 

The Purple Marquesa Necklace depicts a butterfly flittering through the faultless diamonds. The necklace beautifully and harmoniously combines Paraiba tourmalines, purple and blue sapphires, aquamarines and diamonds. There are also Purple Marquesa bracelets and earrings. 

To Sea

The focal point of the Betta Fish Brooch is the 1.85-carat ruby cabochon in the centre; the eyes are led to the ruby through the different cuts of diamonds that point towards the centre and the lines of the platinum where the gems are set. 

The Ruddy Duck earrings cleverly use diamonds set in platinum, yellow sapphires and spessartites set in yellow gold and the feature pear-shaped Paraiba tourmaline to capture the image of a ruddy duck on the waters. It is also available as a ring feature.

The Skies Above

Oynx is the stand-out gemstone in the Black Necked Crane brooch; the crane’s body is expertly crafted and carved, and set around it are five pear-shaped onyx and round brilliant, pear-shaped and marquise diamonds. 

The Falconry Legacy cufflinks are made from diamonds, onyx and brown tourmaline set in yellow gold. 

The Blue Magpie brooch has a pink tourmaline set in the wing amongst blue sapphires and diamonds; the magpie’s body is made using hand-carved black onyx. 

The stunning Peacock brooch features long flowing strands of diamonds set in platinum with the feathers made from yellow gold set with emeralds and blue sapphires. 

Deep Within the Earth

To celebrate the Earth’s gemstones, Harry Winston sets them simply amongst a crown of diamonds. There are three different rings available; the first is a 4.91-carat star ruby. The second is a 7.60-carat cat’s eye chrysoberyl, and the third is your choice of a 13.48-carat or 6.82-carat sapphire.