LVMH Is Set To Add A Touch Of Luxury To The 2024 Olympic And Paralympic Games

Last year, it was announced that the world’s largest luxury conglomerate, LVMH, was set to become a premium partner for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. LVMH’s engagement with international sports competitions has been at the forefront of its brand for several years, having created trophies and specially designed trunks for events such as the Rugby World Cup, the Australian Open, and the FIFA World Cup. The $150 million partnership has ensured that LVMH is the only luxury conglomerate amongst the games’ premium sponsorships, reflecting the significance and financial strength of LVMH and its many maisons. Preparations for this summer’s Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games are now well underway, with the most recent development being LVMH’s announcement of the official medal design produced by the infamous French jeweller Chaumet. 

Source: LVMH

LVMH’s involvement in the Paris Games was spearheaded by Head of Communications and Image at LVMH, Antoine Arnault, son of the conglomerate’s Chairman and CEO, Bernard Arnault. Antoine felt that LVMH’s commitment to uniting a variety of luxury artisans under one name aligned perfectly with the theme of this year’s Olympic Games, “The Art of Crafting Dreams”. To further highlight these shared values, LVMH has introduced the “Artisan of All Victories” program, through which brands like Dior, Berluti, and Louis Vuitton will support athletes with exemplary achievements. The program’s first athletic ambassador was revealed to be a 21-year-old swimmer, Léon Marchan. As the current world record holder for the 400m medley, Marchan is a standout performer with high hopes of winning medals for the French Olympic team.

In addition to supporting the athletes, LVMH will unveil other aspects of its sponsorship in the lead-up to the Games opening ceremony. With such a broad range of maisons under its hat, each brand is expected to contribute to the Games and showcase the various aspects of this partnership. So far, it has been announced that Berluti will be responsible for dressing the French delegation for the ceremonies, whilst Moët and Hennessy products will be served during the event. Moreover, Sephora will play a significant role in organising activities for the public during the Olympic torch relay. 

Most recently, it was revealed that Chaumet, a renowned jeweller under the LVMH umbrella, will have the prestigious task of designing the Olympic and Paralympic medals. This was a ground-breaking decision by LVMH and the Olympic committee, marking the first time a jeweller has been given this honour in the history of the Games. With a rich Parisian heritage dating back to the late 1700s, Chaumet wanted to create a design that paid homage to the city and its iconic symbols in a fusion of tradition and modernity. 

In the 100 years since it last hosted the Olympic Games, the games committee has created strict regulations for creating the medals. Each award is required to have an 85-millimetre diameter and weigh between 455 grams for bronze and 539 grams for gold. Being in such unfamiliar territory, to ensure it adhered to these specifications, Chaumet assembled a select team of employees who dedicated over a year to the project. The team worked closely with the Olympic Committee to use archived material from the Eiffel Tower, preserved during the monument’s renovation, as the central figure of the design. 

Source: LVMH

Each medal will feature an 18g iron hexagon set in the middle of the metal disk using a distinct technique utilised by jewellers to adhere precious gemstones to pieces of jewellery. Furthermore, the six-sided shape is a common motif known as Clous de Paris used in fine jewellery. Equally, it also reflects the shape of the rivets used on the Eiffel Tower, thereby paying tribute to both forms of craftsmanship and honouring the Games theme. 

The iron setting is accentuated by engraved light rays surrounding it. This faceting evokes the radiance of the host nation, paying homage to Paris as the City of Light and the shining talents of the athletes who will wear them. 

On the reverse side, the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games each boast a unique design crafted by Chaumet’s creative team. For the Olympic Games, the designers depicted the Greek goddess, Nike, in front of the Acropolis as a homage to the Ancient Olympic Games in Greece. However, in the background of the scene is the Eiffel Tower, showing the past and present of the Games by paying tribute to this year’s host. Similarly, the Paralympic medals also feature the iconic landmark on its obverse side. This time, the tower is depicted from ground level, showing the view of someone looking up from the bottom, encircled with an inscription of ‘Paris 2024” written in universal braille. The emphasis on the Eiffel Tower on the medals’ face not only honours the city of Paris but also links to a significant part of Chaumet’s history, as Gustave Eiffel was a customer of the iconic jeweller. LVMH’s emphasis on this detail in its promotion of Chaumet’s designs adds an extra layer of significance to its collaboration with the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

As LVMH continues to set new standards in luxury and sports partnerships, the collaboration with Paris 2024 promises to be a dazzling display of craftsmanship, innovation, and national pride. The conglomerate has shown it is the perfect collaborator for the Paris 2024 Games, as its theme, “The Art of Crafting Dreams”, reflects LVMH’s dedication to excellence and innovation. LVMH aims to showcase the detailed craftmanship of its Maisons, like Chaumet, as well as the incredible talents of the competing athletes through its “Artisan of All Victories” program. With the medal designs being unveiled as the latest contribution from the luxury sponsor, LVMH’s multifaceted involvement promises to enrich the Paris 2024 experience, highlighting the convergence of luxury, creativity, and athletic prowess on the global stage.