Luxury Bentley Bentayga

British manufacture Bentley Motors has been providing some of the most luxurious motor vehicles to the world since 1919; Bentley Motors continues to be known as one of the elites. With many models to choose from, the Bentley Bentayga SUV has been recognised as the definitive luxury SUV, winning the award for 4×4 magazine’s Luxury SUV title in their annual 4×4 of the Year awards sponsored by BFGoodrich. The Luxury SUV has previously been celebrated as the Performance SUV of the Year, by the same magazine.

Much thought went into the Bentayga with a new exterior design adopting the Bentley DNA, predominant across the whole range of Bentleys Motors. Athletic in looks, it offers a smooth drive, feeling light on the road with a power revamp of the interiors. The Bentayga can match with multiple lifestyles, blurring the lines between a luxury family car with plenty of space or a luxury limousine with the power of an off-roader, able to take side slope up to 35 degrees. 

Backed with speed and powerful breaks, empower by a class-leading W12 engine achieving 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds. Safety is always at the forefront with an active roll control system where the electric motors on the front and rear axels provide resistance diminishing body roll when driving on sharp turns. The de-coupling of the wheels allows greater wheel contact with the ground, make it truly perfect off or on road. 

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