LOUIS XIII x LaQuan Smith Collection: LOUIS XIII Cognac’s Expansion into Haute Couture

LOUIS XIII Cognac and visionary designer LaQuan Smith have come together in a unique collaboration to launch the exclusive LOUIS XIII x LaQuan Smith Collection. This limited-edition collaboration brings a haute couture perspective to the luxurious world of fine spirits.

Source: BEVNET

The collection highlights two custom-made accessories – THE DROP Chain Pouch and The Boudoir Gloves. These accessories bring a contemporary flair to the traditional rituals of cognac consumption. 

THE DROP Chain Pouch is a statement piece fashioned from pure silver, which is reminiscent of vintage bottles and flasks. This accessory is designed to hold a single bottle of LOUIS XIII THE DROP. It encases each 10ml bottle of LOUIS XIII Cognac in a stunning lattice-work armour enclosure, showcasing how this design effectively marries fine jewellery craftsmanship with the nomadic nature of THE DROP.

To complement the Chain Pouch, there are The Boudoir Gloves. These opera-length gloves are made from modest mesh and are adorned with velvet detailing, paying homage to LOUIS XIII’s traditional white gloves service. The gloves even feature design elements that are inspired by LaQuan Smith’s iconic mesh catsuit. 

The launch of this esteemed collection is also accompanied by an enthralling campaign titled “A Drop in Time.” It features a star-studded cast of fashion-forward personalities, especially given its direction by Greg Swales and styling by the iconic Carine Roitfeld. As a result, the essence of luxury and glamour in the art of cognac tasting is magnificently captured by model Jasmine Tookes as she embodies LOUIS XIII THE DROP’s timeless spontaneity.


Moreover, the LOUIS XIII x LaQuan Smith Collection is only available in extremely limited quantities, which is why it will only be sold as a set for $2,300 US ($3,500 AU). This exclusive set includes the coveted LOUIS XIII: THE DROP Collection Box, featuring five multi-coloured 10ml bottles of LOUIS XIII Cognac, together with THE DROP Chain Pouch and The Boudoir Gloves. This collection is a must-have for connoisseurs of luxury and fashion alike. 

LOUIS XIII Cognac was founded in 1874 and is manufactured from Cognac Grande Champagne’s eaux-de-vie that has been passed down generations and cleverly blended by Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau. La Quan Smith, on the other hand, has quickly risen to prominence in the world of fashion, garnering a variety of national acclaim. He is known for his daring silhouettes and glamorous aesthetic, and he has a clientele that includes fashion icons and influential women around the globe.

The act of relishing LOUIS XIII Cognac is definitely elevated to a high-fashion experience, all thanks to the successful work between LOUIS XIII Cognac and LaQuan Smith. Thus, it can be said that the LOUIS XIII x LaQuan Smith collection not only redefines the art of cognac tasting but also serves as an inspiration for haute couture experiences.