Louis Vuitton Sydney Flagship Store

Louis Vuitton has just reopened the doors to their new revamped Sydney CBD store. Boasting sensationally high-end finishes and products all throughout the store, the renovations truly express luxury and opulence.

Louis Vuitton Flagship Store Sydney
Source: Inside Retail

After twelve months of renovations the store reveals an amazing take on it’s heritage building’s space. Peter Marino was the main designer of the improved Louis Vuitton store, and he comes with a broad amount of knowledge about style and luxury. With a light and airy area complete with modern art fixtures, graphic features and pops of technicolour tones, this all complements Louis Vuitton products.

You enter through the original double doors and immerse into the black and white Damier checkered floors – which is a pattern that is commonly used in some of Louis Vuitton’s leather goods such as wallets, card holders and bags. The ceilings are seven metres high, making enough room for shoppers to weave their way through the glass and timber finishes that display Louis Vuitton’s leather accessories, high jewellery, fragrances and travel accessories.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Flower
Source: Inside Retail

When shoppers keep wandering around the incredible store, they will notice the designers have incorporated a life-size interpretation of Louis Vuitton’s classic monogram flower – adding a larger sense of absolute opulence. In addition, the use of azure Atelier Oi spiral lamps have reference to Sydney’s relationship with nature, which Marino hoped to do. By corroborating a high-end brand with Sydney’s natural environment it creates a unique and one-of-a-kind store.

Following up the floating staircase that doubles as a beautiful architectural focus point, shoppers will meet the French label’s newly released ready-to-wear womenswear and extensive show collections, designed by artistic director of womenswear Nicolas Ghesquiere. With multiple fashion racks and endless Louis Vuitton products to choose from, this area is for those really hoping to find something to take home.

Louis Vuitton Lounge Area Fashion Space
Source: Inside Retail

For those who have had a long shopping day or wish to try on stunning shoes from the collection, Peter Marino has created a comfortable and colourful extravagant plush seating area. Relaxing here, shoppers or resters can gaze at the sculpture titled Mit Henlen Aus Nephrit made of repurposed vinyl records, canvas and wood.

Back down the floating staircase, shoppers will find a menswear focused space, designed by men’s artistic director Virgril Abloh. He also incorporated the latest ready-to-wear, footwear collection and accessory designs for all to indulge in.

The renovation doesn’t only bring a new way of product display, but also an inspiration for interior design. Guests are offered a unique shopping experience, that hopes to leave them truly inspired. Marino has also made room for Louis Vuitton travel items and homewares as well.

The flagship store is now open at 365 George Street, Sydney; so to be sure to go check it out and find the perfect present for yourself of a loved one.

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