Locherber Milano, The Emerging Brand Redefining Modern Home Fragrance

French fashion designer and writer Sonia Rykiel once said, “Perfume is like a parenthesis, a moment of freedom, peace, love and sensuality in between the disturbances of modern living.”

Scents are the immaterial backbone of our life; they inspire emotions and accompany the milestones of life. Tapping into the five senses can turn any space into an immersive experience. When it comes to your home, fragrances depict your personal story and compliment significant memories. Lochaber Milano, an emerging luxury home fragrance company, is pioneering the art behind scenting essential interiors. The perfumery aims to bring profound sensory experiences to the modern consumer’s home through a luxurious range of scents.

“Locherber Milano pursues harmony generated from a balance of the five senses and can even include a sixth, that archaic and primitive power in each one of us, which inevitably drives us towards beauty and wellbeing.”

Locherber Milano’s expanding market presence comes as no surprise as its products are entirely crafted and handmade in Milan, Italy. Cosval brand group founded the brand, a company initiated in 1972 by the Baerlocher in Switzerland. With nearly 50 years of expertise across many industries, third-generation Cosval entrepreneurs are uniting Italian craftsmanship, history and tasteful design with swiss precision to produce the highest quality of home fragrances. Their goal with this new endeavour is to give consumers an extensive range of high-end fragrances designed to elevate one’s emotional space and general wellbeing in the home. Locherber Milano is a leader in this space, claiming a proportion of the global market, “It is a new concept of fine living that takes know-how to an artistic dimension, based on all-Italian creativity.”

Traditionally lavish scents have come from luxury goods conglomerates and feature standardised offerings. However, Locherber Milano is changing the game in home fragrance. They craft perfumes to make places and moments special. Locherber Milano prioritises the consumer experience, designing all products for integration in the home as both an indulgent fragrance and a design piece. These pieces include sleek hand-painted glass bottles complemented by various obscurely shaped wooden lids made using globally-sourced wood and marble. Locherber Milano carefully selects raw materials such as White or Green Onyx, Briccola wood (recycled from the sea-poles in Venice) or Banksia from Australia for each product. Further, Italian artisans meticulously craft registered lid designs to complement the house’s bespoke fragrances.

Setting themselves apart from competitors, Locherber Milano uses select natural ingredients to evoke emotion, elegance and reminiscence across their products. The Capri Azul transports you to Italy; it is a green, fresh and flowery fragrance, featuring notes of bergamot and orange, green tea, galbanum and black currant topped off with sandalwood and musk. The Arabic inspired scent, Aramaik fragrance, is a sweet and woody fragrance combining bergamot and bitter orange with nard and geranium complemented by amber, vanilla, myrrh, guaiac wood, benzoin, patchouli and agarwood to transport any space. Each scent comes in various product types, including candles and diffusers to a five-litre scent totem.

If you are looking to transform your home space with a signature scent that evokes memory and indulgence, look no further than Locherber Milano. For international scent enthusiasts, the online store is the best place to find the brands product.