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JetSmarter: The Uber Of Private Jets

Just as Uber is disrupting how we travel on land, JetSmarter is shaking things up in the sky; the business is offering the luxury and benefits of flying private for less than you ever thought possible. Boasting an unmatched experience in private air travel with five-star flight crews, end-to-end luxury and legroom for days, JetSmarter is creating a new market for travellers to travel how they want, where they want.

JetSmarter was founded by 29-year-old Sergey Petrossov and is now financially backed by celebrities such as Jay-Z, and even members of the Saudi Royal family who have recently invested over US$26 million to help grow this company that lets users book private jets from their smartphone.

JetSmarter wasn’t always Petrossov’s dream, but after being offered a chance ride by a private jet owner in 2009 he felt the industry was “archaic”, relying entirely on analogue rather than digital management systems.

Coming from a tech background, he saw an opportunity for improvements; the golden ticket idea fully formed once he found out that most private jets aren’t used very often, spending most of their time sitting idly at airports or flying completely empty to pick up clients. These otherwise empty seats can now be offered to travellers for much less than the usual price of chartering a jet; a price more similar to a first-class ticket.

Customers are flocking to JetSmarter with the comfort and peace of mind knowing that they have both saved time and money each time they choose to fly with them.

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So how does it work? JetSmarter gives you a choice to find or create. You can choose to create flights, meaning you choose your own aircraft, amount of seats and when and where you would like to fly.

Alternatively, you can choose to find flights. Finders will browse and book their seat on existing shared flights around the world. Seats will be offered on flights that fellow JetSmarters have created or pre-scheduled by JetSmarter and their partners; it’s like the luxury version of Uber Pool.

For those wanting a JetSmarter membership, there is just a $2,500 annual fee. Memberships are recommended for anyone who flies more than one round-trip each year.

Members will enjoy 24/7 concierge, luxury partner benefits, access to VIP events, priority flight availabilities over non-members, discounted pricing on all flights and guaranteed availability within a 24-hour notice.

JetSmarter makes booking your flight easy via the JetSmarter app. Browse the calendar to view flights or create your own flight in just a couple of minutes. On the day you will skip the dreaded long lines.; all you need to do is arrive at the private jet terminal just 15 minutes before takeoff.

Experience ultimate convenience at the JetSmarter fixed-base-operators (FBO) and avoid the nuisance of commercial terminals. After you are welcomed by the team, you can simply relax and wait for your flight whilst enjoying complimentary champagne, WiFi and all other comforts that come along with a private lounge.

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Source: JetSmarter

Even the safety checks are streamlined as you will fly right past airport security. All JetSmarter passengers will be put through a digital background check and a brief non-intrusive bag inspection. However, this step is skipped entirely if travelling with a totally private charter.

Once aboard, guests can utilise the high-speed wifi to get to work, put their feet up and relax, sip champagne and have a bite to eat or use this as an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. Arrive at your destination in complete style with concierge service making sure you make it to your final destination in comfort.

JetSmarter partners with premium flight operators and pilots making the aircraft options virtually limitless. As well as their premium partnerships jets, JetSmarter is continuing to grow their very own impressive fleet. Several Gulfstream IV-SP aircrafts with a branded exterior, fresh new interiors, five-star crew and 4G wifi will offer their guests the ultimate level of air travel luxury.

So where can you travel? Essentially, anywhere in the world. If you are creating flights you can choose from over 170 countries internationally. Alternatively, you can jump aboard high-frequency routes between major cities, such as New York to Los Angeles.

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