Jacob & Co.’s Billionaire Watch

Swiss watchmaker Jacob & Co. has released an update on their Billionaire watch encrusted with 189 carats of William Goldberg’s Ashoka diamonds, dubbed the Billionaire Ashoka. The unique cut is named after King Ashoka Maurya, who was a third-century warrior and is regarded as one of India’s greatest emperors.

Jacob & Co. Billionaire watch
Source: Jacob & Co.

The rumoured price of this sparkling watch is approximately $25 million. Only one Billionaire Ashoka watch will ever be produced and never replicated again, because less than one percent of all diamonds are appropriate candidates to become an Ashoka. Every part of the piece, from the case to the bracelet to the clasp, is covered in 62 examples of the diamond. Jacob & Co. claims the cut makes it appear up to thirty percent larger than a standard emerald cut diamond of the same weight.

Jacob & Co Billionaire watch
Source: Jacob & Co.

Highlighting its strong angular shape is the skeletonized caliber JCAM09 tourbillon movement that lies behind the diamond facade. The intricate, handcrafted movement is composed of 167 elements and 19 jewels with a 72-hour power reserve. And, because there’s always room for more diamonds, a final rose-cut jewel is affixed to the crown to complete the design.

The first Billionaire watch by Jacob & Co. was unveiled at Baselworld in 2015, where its price point and unique composition made waves. Set with 260 carats of emerald-cut diamond, it used a special bead setting in an inverted pyramid style to cover the full length of the case, bracelet and clasp. Every stone was GIA-certified with some of the largest weighing up to three carats all on their own, and all were laid upon an 18K white gold foundation. The dial appeared to float in space thanks to a sapphire crystal case and case-back lightening the overall look in the process.

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