Maurice Terzini, Owner of Iconic Bondi Icebergs, Launches Luxury Menswear Fashion Label

Every Sydney-sider knows about the iconic Bondi Icebergs, situated high up on South Bondi overlooking the stunning expanse of the world-famous Bondi Beach. Boasting breathtaking views over the crashing waves and bright blue ocean, it has quickly become a top choice for celebrities and international travellers to visit, and it’s not hard to see why. The view is not the only incentive for people to flock to Icebergs, but the revitalizing style of owner Maurice Terzini.

Maurice Terzini has extensive hotel, dining and event experience in both Sydney and Melbourne. Born in Melbourne to Italian parents, Maurice opened his first café at the age of 23, inspired by childhood trips to Italy, where he explored his culture and heritage. After many more successful hospitality milestones, he opened Icebergs Dining and Bar in 2002, which is still going strong nearly two decades later. Icebergs’ considerable success is thanks to Maurice’s ground-breaking ideas and his reimagining of the dining experience.

As if running multiple hospitality venues wasn’t enough of an achievement for Maurice, he also has a fashion label of tees and shirts called Ten Pieces, launched in 2011. With a store located on Campbell Parade in Bondi Beach, pieces go for around $500 each.  

Now, in 2021, Maurice has pursued a new challenge, a luxury menswear fashion label that debuted at Afterpay Australian Fashion Week 2021. His business partner on this line is none other than Gareth Moody, designer and hotelier with fashion labels including denim focussed Tsubi and the finely tailored brand Chronicles of Never. Together, the pair has co-founded a new line called Nonplus, a menswear fashion brand whose starting collection debuted in a statement runway show at Maurice’s own Bondi Icebergs. The Icebergs pool, the centre of multiple Bondi photographs, was drained of water for the occasion and transformed into a runway. Models displayed the futuristic, resort-style pieces from the new collection, with the line also referencing 80’s and 90’s fashion. These tailored modern items retail for $80-$5000, and are available to purchase at Showroom-X by appointment only.

The brand seeks to encompass an “attitude” that Sydney-siders embody, and Bondi locals can be attracted to, as well as being true to the sustainability theme of the AAFW by manufacturing and designing all pieces in Sydney. The collaboration between Maurice and Gareth further aims to combine fine food and fashion, with a wine label and other events and experiences to stem from this business relationships.  So, the next time you pay a visit to Bondi Icebergs to take in the magnificent view over the waves and indulge in a fine dining experience, why not also browse some pieces from Nonplus to fully encompass the luxury resort-style that has debuted in Australian winter 2021.