“Houseyachts” Set to be Next Major Luxury Marine Trend

Luxury yacht home manufacturer Reina Boats are introducing a luxurious spin on the typical houseboat. The industry newcomer is introducing a new line of vessels that can serve as a yacht or luxury home.

Founding partners of Reina – Hayri Dayi and Emin Gunal – conjured up the concept after witnessing a surge in seafaring during the pandemic. The pair detected a demand for luxurious vessels that maintained a level of elegance whilst still delivering all the space and amenities one would desire as Gunal stated, “many boats do not have the living space to provide all the accommodations and comforts people want.”

Source: Robb Report

The founders aimed to distance their designs away from the “outdated” floating homes of the past. Instead, they looked at designing sleek vessels to attract a new wave of discerning yachters.

“The existing houseboats were stuck in the designs of the 1980s, and almost 90 per cent of the houseboats on the water were commercially rented vessels. They were boats that yacht and catamaran owners would never consider buying,” explains Gunal.

The new line includes five models that range from a utilitarian “floating RV” to a lavish two-storey overwater boat. Sizes scope from 26 to 60 feet, and each vessel benefits from upscale décor and high-quality furnishings. All amenities ooze luxury with top-rated appliances and smart-home technology integrated into the design.

Reina’s vessels have met the U.S. Coast Guard standards so the fleets can be taken out and enjoyed on the open seas. Each “houseyacht” is crafted from marine-grade aluminium and powered by the latest generation of Mercury outboards that claim to be greener than other conventional engines.

Source: Robb Report

Within the luxury yacht sphere, Reina’s Boats stand out as they have been certified with an Ultra-Low Emissions rating from the California Air Resources Board (CARB). Gunal expressed how the new vessels are “fuel-efficient, remarkably quiet and operate smoothly.” Additionally, seafarers can choose batteries as an alternative power source instead of using a generator to help reduce emissions further.

The lavish yacht manufacturer is building its new line in Turkey and its first model, known as the Reina Live 44DR, will be unveiled at this year’s Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in October. It is the largest and most luxurious model on offer that caters to a variety of needs. It can function as a permanent liveaboard for cruisers or enjoyed by entertainers who want to bring a group of people onboard to enjoy a slice of luxury living. Designed to a high standard, the L44 DR contains a circular staircase connecting to the expansive second-story deck with separate living and dining areas that can hold up to twelve guests.

If you desire an alternative experience to living and cruising on the water Reina Boats has it all. This autumn marks the launch of an exciting new category of boat: the luxury “houseyacht”, which you do not want to miss.