Hermès Unveils Its New Installment Of The Botanical H24 Fragrance

With a diverse range of fragrances spanning from classic to contemporary, Hermès caters to individuals who appreciate the finer things in life and seek to adorn themselves with scents that exude sophistication and refinement. This is especially true for the brand’s selection of men’s fragrances, being revered for their ability to encapsulate the essence of masculinity in a bottle since the iconic launch of Terre d’Hermès in 2006. Hermès saw equal success with the launch of its cologne collection, H24. Crafted by Christine Nagel, this fragrance showcased a different side of typically masculine scents by highlighting herbal and natural notes over the classic smokier and wood-like smells. This year, Hermès has released the third iteration of this fragrance: H24 Herbes Vives. Inspired by nature’s raw beauty and the urban landscape, this latest addition to the H24 line reimagines masculinity with a botanical twist.

Sources: Hermès

Hermès has long been synonymous with sophistication and refinement in the world of fragrance despite only releasing two notable men’s fragrances in the past two decades. The first of which, Terre d’Hermès, made its debut in 2006. The launch was met with much praise and excitement, with the French fashion house being commended for capturing the essence of power and vitality with the warm and woody fragrance. Fifteen years later, Christine Nagel, one of Hermès’ most renowned perfumers, introduced the Maison’s second fragrance, H24. This cologne was designed to capture the “contemporary man”, opting for more delicate and fresh scents like sage and narcissus. 

Many luxury brands have looked to natural inspiration for their latest fragrances, often looking to the sea or rural landscapes to create their scents. Nagel took a different approach, instead designing H24 to celebrate the interplay between cityscapes and the wilderness. In addition to the botanical elements used in H24, Nagel also credits the modern Hermès man as one of the main inspirations for the fragrance. Taking the name for the fragrance itself from combining H, for Hermès and Homme, and 24, a reference to the brand’s flagship address of 24 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, Nagel aimed to create a scent that complemented the contemporary style of the brand. 

Nagel continues this exploration of modern masculinity with the latest chapter in the H24 saga: Herbes Vives.Much like its H24 predecessors, Nagel took inspiration from Hermès’s men’s fashion when developing Herbes Vives. Having worked closely with artistic director Véronique Nichanian, the perfumer sought to replicate the fluidity and tactile allure of the fabrics she saw. As a result, Herbes Vives centres around a botanical aroma palette featuring scents from the same plants used in the fibres of Hermès clothing. 

The most prominent scent profiles are clary sage, narcissus, and rosewood. The clary sage, with its hints of hay and cut grass, intertwines with the warm, amber base to create a harmonious blend of sophistication and vitality. Equally, the crisp and edgy notes of the narcissus with the spicy and earthy undertones of the rosewood add a masculine edge to the fragrance, culminating in a sensory experience that captures the essence of urban nature after rainfall—a moment of renewal and vitality.

Source: Hermès

To emphasise the tactile allure that inspired Herbes Vives, Nagel looked to innovating fragrance technology to feature in this latest H24 instalment, using the new molecule, Physcool®. The addition of Physcool® replaces the warmth of the sclarene that was previously used, with its minty base instead creating a physical cooling sensation when the fragrance is applied to the skin. This innovative use of Physcool® not only harkens back to Nagal’s textural inspiration but adds a masculine edge to the simple herbal scents that make Herbes Vives.

True to the Hermès ethos of craftsmanship and sustainability, the bottle for H24 Herbes Vives is a work of art. Crafted from 15% recycled glass and paired with a box made from ECF recycled paper pulp, the packaging reflects Hermès’ commitment to ethical luxury. The bottle design, created by Philippe Mouquet, perfectly encapsulates the many layers of the fragrance inside. Whilst the green lacquer that adorns it echoes the fragrance’s botanical notes, the minimalistic shape of the bottle helps to enhance the fragrance’s tactile scent profile by embodying that same elegant fluidity. 

The Herbes Vives bottle features heavily in the ad campaign alongside cityscapes and verdant landscapes, blurring the lines between urbanity and nature. Through a distorted lens, the campaign captures the essence of modern masculinity—a man in constant motion, attuned to his surroundings.

With H24 Herbes Vives, Hermès continues to redefine modern masculinity with an olfactory masterpiece that celebrates the tactile beauty of nature and the urban landscape. Christine Nagel’s botanical masterpiece of fragrance innovation invites the modern man to embrace his complexity and fluidity on a journey of self-discovery and exploration. From its inception to its presentation, Herbes Vives embodies the ethos of Hermès—a timeless blend of elegance, craftsmanship, and innovation.