Heesen Yachts releases their Project Jade Luxury Superyacht – YN20350

Founded in 1978, the Dutch shipbuilding company, Heesen Yachts specialises and creates custom-built superyachts specifically engineering all-aluminium designs. The company has released more than 200 independent designs since its opening in 1978, most of which have won multiple high-class awards. All superyachts are built entirely in-house with a combination of quality craftsmanship and high-tech engineering creating a new version of luxury. 

YN20350,  Project Jade is Heesen’s newest luxury superyacht launched earlier this year will be the first to be sold in the year 2024 and the third yacht sold in collaboration with SuperYachtsMonaco in the past ten years. Jade was built in the Netherlands and is one of 25000 all-aluminum models. The beautifully crafted superyacht is a 50m length creation with 500GT and high-quality twin MTU 16V 4000 M65L IMO Tier III approved engines. The Twin Green Ocean engines reach a top speed of 23 knots and a wide range of nautical miles of 3,100 at 11 knots. 

Omega Architects designed the yacht with a curvy, sporty exterior. The Architects created the whole superstructure slightly curved to give Jade a more elegant end by using loose exterior furniture and wrap-around glass for the deck to have a larger space with generous seating while ensuring it remains light, airy and well-detailed. 

Heesen has designed a streamlined hull for Jade, which minimizes drag and features a shallower transom depth, allowing for a lower shaft angle. This design enhances Jade’s comfort in turbulent seas while making it well-suited for navigating shallow waters. The highly efficient hull shape not only meets engineering standards but also caters to adventurous pursuits, making Jade a suitable choice for both island hopping and extended journeys.

The sun deck is a fan favourite. Its elevated rear deck accommodates a spacious whirlpool surrounded by sun pads, accessible via a three-step ascent. This understated design element enables a versatile full-height tender garage that doubles as a luxurious beach club on the lower deck, offering ample headroom. Additionally, a notable exterior characteristic is the downward pointing bow, enhancing the visibility of the water from the bridge and accentuating Jade’s elongated and streamlined profile.

Project Jade is a true siren of the seas with her interior as a lagoon of creativity, imagined by Christiano Gatto. Embracing a cool and sophisticated colour palette, it combines various materials and textured finishes to capture and reflect natural light. The ambience is welcoming and warm with subtle chic undertones, providing a vibrant canvas that serves as a creative foundation, awaiting the personalized touch of its owner. The seabed inspired natural mirror and tempered glass with earthy tones like bold pops of green, shaded grey leather, cool stainless steel and white lasa gold-veined marble. 

Project Jade includes a brilliantly handcrafted interior and delicately handled high-tech engineered exterior endlessly transforming Jade’s ambience. The superyacht was up for sale in early January this year.