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Harry Winston: King Of Diamonds

Harry Winston founded Harry Winston, Inc. in 1932 in New York City. Mr Winston was an intuitive businessman, an esteemed gemmologist, and a dedicated philanthropist. A remarkable history earned Mr. Harry Winston the title of “Jeweller to the Stars”, and “King of Diamonds”.

Acquiring some of the world’s most famous gemstones, paired with his designs adorning many famous faces over the decades has fuelled his success.

Harry Winston diamonds
Source: Harry Winston Jewellers

Only two years after starting his company, Harry Winston purchased the Jonker, a 726-carat uncut rough diamond. This was his first important diamond and made headlines across the globe.

Three years on he then travelled to Brazil to examine and purchase the Vargas, a 726.50-carat rough diamond, before it was officially offered to any other jeweller.

Within the first decade of business, Harry Winston and his designers pioneered the innovative technique of clustering. Clustering keeps the focus on the gemstones, allowing the stones themselves to dictate the jewellery design. This technique continues to inspire Harry Winston’s in-house designers all these years on.

In 1944 Harry Winston became the “Jeweller to the Stars” after being the first to lend diamonds to an actress for the Academy Awards, Jennifer Jones. This revolutionised modern-day red carpet glamour and has continued to do so for over seven decades.

Four years on he met with the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, who went on to purchase the famed McLean Diamond among several other pieces of jewellery for their personal collection.

Over the last eight decades, Harry Winston has acquired and cut numerous legacy diamonds and has produced countless exquisite pieces of jewellery, lastly being the “Winston Blue” – a 13.22-carat, flawless, fancy-vivid blue diamond, described as the largest of its kind.

Secrets collection necklace
Source: Harry Winston Jewellers

Harry Winston’s relationship with the stars goes beyond the red carpet, with signature pieces appearing in memorable film and television moments. The first connection with Hollywood really began more than a decade prior with the Jonker, when it was photographed with leading Hollywood stars at the time and was the subject of a short film produced by MGM in 1936.

Since then, Harry Winston Diamonds have been featured in many movies and are a regular feature on the red carpet amongst the stars, with some of the latest including Nicole Kidman, Katie Holmes, and Keira Knightley.

Throughout his life, Harry Winston was a dedicated philanthropist. He leveraged his fame and reputation as “Jeweller to the Stars” to fund many charitable causes. In 1949, Mr Winston organised a travelling exhibit of impressive and historic gems named, the “Court of Jewels”. The collection toured major cities in the United States for five years to raise money for local charities. A rare 42.52-carat “Hope” Diamond was the centrepiece of the exhibit.

Harry Winston supports many centres, missions and charities around the world, all with the aim of creating opportunities for individuals in need. Today, his philanthropic legacy lives on through the Harry Winston Brilliant Futures programme that supports and changes the lives of many in need around the world. It works to remove barriers to education and provide the skills necessary to succeed in life.

Harry Winston has numerous collections of High Jewellery, made with the finest diamonds and gemstones. Each piece in the Secrets collection by Harry Winston contains an incredible secret – a true hidden gem, waiting to be revealed. Winston Candy is a dazzling collection featuring fancy-coloured centre stones paired with a combination of diamonds and vibrant gems in complementing shades. Several collections of breathtaking timepieces are also available, ranging from simple elegance to show-stopping extravagance.

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