Gulfstream Announces Two New Private Jets

American aircraft company Gulfstream announced two new private planes at an exclusive event held at their headquarters this week. The G800 is an ultra-long-range heavy jet, and the first model had a surprise revealing during the event. The G400 is a large-cabin class jet that was present with a virtual tour. 

The G800 has the longest range of any plane in the Gulfstream fleet, being able to travel 8,000 nautical miles (14,816 kilometres) in a single trip at Mach 0.85. Furthermore, it can travel 12,964 kilometres at Mach 0.90 and has a maximum Mach of 0.925. The jet is powered by high-thrust Tolls-Royce pearl 700 engines and uses the unique Gulfstream designed wing and winglet. Other key features include enhanced fuel efficiency, more city-pair capabilities and industry-leading cabin altitude—the plane has 16 panoramic windows so you can have the best view on your flight. Two different layouts are available one has three living areas and a dedicated crew compartment, holds up to 15 passengers and sleeps seven; the second layout has four living areas, seats up to 17 and sleeps up to seven. Taking your trip in a G800 can save you up to 1.5 hours on flights longer than 12,038 kilometres.

The G400 is the first new entrant to its class in more than a decade for Gulfstream. It has a maximum range of 4,200 nautical miles (7,778 kilometres) and a maximum Mach of 0.90. It uses Twin Pratt and Whitney engines which help lower its fuel consumption, emissions and noise. For those sensitive to cabin pressure, it has the lowest cabin altitude in its class. The plane has ten windows so passengers can enjoy the landscape below throughout their flight. There are three layouts available the first has 2.5 living areas it seats up to 11 passengers and can sleep four, the second has 2.5 living areas, holds up to 12 passengers and sleeps 5, and the third has two living areas, seats up to nine passengers and sleeps up to four. 

The two planes use signature Gulfstream features and promises, including whisper-quiet noise levels and 100% fresh air that is never recirculated. This is done using a plasma-ionizing clean air system that neutralizes 99.9% of airborne bacteria, spores and odours.

Gulfstream are continually innovating and have created an award-winning Predictive Landing Performance System that provides pilots with advanced warning of potential issues on the runway to make an informed and safe decision. They also use a symmetry flight deck, resulting in significant improvements to safety and efficiency in business aviation. The combined vision system improves pilots situational awareness by combining the enhanced flight vision system and synthetic vision system into a single image. 

The positive reception of the G800 and G400 show why Gulfstream are so popular in the private jet market. The stunning jets are technologically innovative and continue to improve the safety of air travel.