Global 8000: Industry Leading Private Jet

Private Jets allow for unrivaled freedom to travel the world, and with the new Global 8000 from Bombardier Business Aircraft, the range of this independence just expanded. Bombardier has a rich heritage in this area, manufacturing business jets for over fifty years. Continuing to innovate and develop superior designs over the years, Bombardier’s extensive experience has culminated in the Global 8000.

private jet seats

This personal aircraft boasts an industry-leading flight range of over fourteen and a half thousand kilometres.  On top of this magnificent feat, it also possesses a maximum flight speed of Mach 0.925 and seating capacity for 17 passengers. Along with Bombardier‘s state of the art flight technology, Global 8000 exhibits why it is a lavish flagship.

The extensive interior of this business jet is configured into five exclusive zones. The entrance of the plane includes the industry’s largest kitchen. The gallery is complete with convection microwave ovens, sink, faucet, coffee machine, and a chilled storage area.

The entryway also holds a generous wardrobe and lavatory. The bathroom includes a vanity, sink, faucet, and beautiful natural lighting.

Moving further into the cabin is the club suite. With four opulent, ergonomic and adjustable seats with concealable side-tables, this lounge is superbly fashioned. Detailed side ledges frame the room, and a large high definition television is mounted on a wall for your viewing pleasure.

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The conference room follows this with a four-seat dining and meeting area. Found in this suite are a sizeable media cabinet and flat-screen television as well as five grand windows.

Finally, we reach a private suite with a personal en-suite. With a berth-able divan and patented executive seats, this room provides an affluent yet comfortable atmosphere. A convertible side table, entertainment cabinet, and high definition television completes the chamber allowing you to relax in style. Six tremendous windows line the bedroom allowing for dazzling natural lighting.

The ensuite has the only truly stand-up shower in any business aircraft. To finish off the interior layout this bathroom also has a large wardrobe and access to a 5.5 metre cubed baggage compartment.

The secret behind the performance of this impressive jet is its General Electric Passport engines specifically designed for this aircraft. Not only do these engines grant the aircraft its top speed on Mack 0.925, but it also enables the aircraft to maintain improved fuel efficiency.

private jet interior

The avionics in the cabin incorporates cutting edge technology for the smoothest and safest flight possible. The on-board semi-autonomous computer-generated flight control system incorporated in the craft has a balanced design with control inputting freedom and is the industry’s best when it comes to flight protection. There are also four large screen displays and a HUD in the cockpit to easily monitor the status of the aircraft.

A smooth ride is further guaranteed by the advanced aerodynamic design of the body of the jet as well as the shape and weight distribution of its wings. Global internet connectivity is also impeccable with high quality streaming around the world. The connectivity continues into the physical realm with remarkable city networks.

Bombardier connects more business jets to more airports than any other company.

With a history marked from the very first business jet to revolutionary developments today, Bombardier is a company to watch. The Global 8000 is the ultimate luxury aircraft for your next personal or professional flight with the farthest flying range within the industry. Uncompromising opulence, comfort, and power are the main statements made by this craft, and as such cements itself as the panicle of travel.


by McKenzie Downey

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