Bugatti’s La Voiture Noire Supercar

Luxury sports cars are some of the most valued items around the world. Brands such as Ferrari, Rolls Royce, and Mercedes give their buyers a status of high class and elegance. Alongside these renowned sports, car automakers sits French brand Bugatti. The brand is a leading car maker which manufactures brilliant high-performance sports cars sold for millions of dollars a piece.

Among the brand’s most luxurious cars we can find the 1936 model 57 SC Atlantic. Some argue that its scarcity, with only four models ever built between 1936 and 1938, and its characteristics do not only make it Bugatti’s masterpiece but also the most valuable automobile in the historic car collector’s world. During March 2019’s Geneva Motor Show Bugatti, with the aim of continuing the high standards of their luxurious cars introduced the “La Voiture Noire”. The supercar is a one-off model, as the French carmaker reported that there will not be another one like it.

Bugatti Sleek Black
Source: Sputnik International

The unique nature of the car and its exclusivity explains why the car was sold allegedly to footballer Cristiano Ronaldo for an astonishing price of USD18.6 million. Although sold it will still be two years before the football superstar will be able to drive the car as the one presented was only a mock-up model. This price tag makes the car the most expensive car to date, surpassing models such as the Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta (USD 17.5 million) and the Rolls Royce Sweptail (USD 13 million).

“La Voiture Noire” is an opus of elegance and finesse as it represents all of Bugatti’s cornerstones: luxury and elegance. These characteristics are reflected in every aspect of the car, as each component has been crafted by hand with perfection to the minutest detail. The windscreen seems to connect seamlessly into the windows, the bumpers are perfectly integrated into the body, and the impeccable lines make the entire structure blend into a single piece.

Bugatti Exterior Car
Source: Motor 1


At the rear, the car has six tailpipes that bear the ruthless power of the iconic 16-cylinder 1,479 horsepower engine, an engineering masterpiece that is unique and allows the car to go from zero to 60mph in 2.4 seconds, reaching a maximum speed of around 260mph.

This extremely unique and exclusive car will most likely never be seen on public roads by the vast majority of the population. Moreover, the extreme price of the car makes it more of an art piece and it will most likely keep the owner away from driving it often.

Many people have been wondering how Bugatti can justify the price. Whatever the answer is, it is clear that there was a solid demand for it, and it once again demonstrates that car fanatics are willing to pay millions of dollars to own a supercar that nobody else does. La Voiture Noire is to date the latest one-off and most exclusive car ever built, but we can be sure that it will not be the last one to achieve this status.

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By M. Elise