First Class Experience: From The Ground To The Sky

Have you ever experienced a luxurious flight?

We all know that commercial flights can be a big hassle if you are travelling from anywhere in the world to Australia. Long hours inside the plane, stopovers and huge lines to check in your baggage can make your trip seem endless.  For this reason, only a few of the best airlines are considered to have created a luxurious range for their passengers, who will have an exceptional experience from the ground to the sky.

Have a look at the best first-class services that the following airlines offer you.

Qantas Airline

 Our national airline, Qantas, is one of the best companies delivering this luxury experience.

Their A380 First Class starts from the ground, offering you a complimentary chauffeur transfer to the airport. Once you arrive at the airport, you will have priority check-in for your baggage. After check-in, you can enjoy a spa treatment before take-off if you are travelling from Sydney or Melbourne’s stylish lounges.

Their suites are decorated in calming tones to make you feel more relaxed. The seat offers you a massage option that you can manage yourself with the control panel while you watch movies or listen to music. Thinking about food? Qantas offers an exquisite tasting menu or an a la carte selection designed by Neil Perry for those who travel in first class. Their sommeliers in the sky will advise you on the selection of wine to match your meal.

Travelling with a companion on your trip? Qantas provides you with a room for two, with a double flat-bed featuring Sheridan bedding, a 100% cotton woven throw, duvet and memory foam mattress for a truly peaceful sleep.  Don’t worry about your pyjamas; Qantas First Class offers unisex pyjamas with matching slippers exclusively designed by Martin Grant.

Qantas first class
Source: Qantas

Emirates Airline

Emirates A380 First Class is as close as it comes to your own private jet, offering you chauffeur –driven car services in a Mercedes-Benz S Class, exclusive lounges with a cigar lounge, wine cellars, spas, fine dining and a duty-free boutique for your stopover in Dubai.

Board directly from the lounge in some terminals to your private suite, in which you will find a mini bar, snacks and a Bvlgari amenity kit. Emirates offers you a large entertainment program on your screen with free Wi-Fi.

Their onboard dining consists of a fine dining experience inspired by regional dishes with exclusive wines.

What Emirates First Class suites have than the other airlines don’t is a shower above the clouds. Take a shower while you are flying at any time. Rest in the fully flat bed with luxurious sheets and blanket, including pyjamas.

Emirates first class
Source: Emirates

British Airways

Flying from Sydney to London for a meeting? British Airways offers you a complimentary limousine transfer in a Jaguar to and from Sydney Airport. If you fly with this airline, you will have access to luxurious lounges and spa treatments while you are waiting for your flight.

The black and cream interior with silver trim makes your room classic and elegant.  It features a 15” screen with ports to connect up your own devices and includes high-quality noise-cancelling headphones for minimal disturbance. You’ll also be equipped with selected aromatherapy products and travel essentials.

British Airways has worked with some of the world’s top chefs to create an exclusive menu and fine dining experience, including a classic English afternoon tea, a wide selection of champagnes and wines and a meal from the delicious a la carte menu.

Sleep deeply in their comfortable fully-flat bed during your flight.

British Airways first class
Source: British Airways

Singapore Airlines

Their new A380 suites will make you have an unforgettable experience.

The seats are reclinable to 45°, with double suites and a luxurious double bed if you are travelling with your loved one. Spacious lavatories complete your suite experience.

Their interior is detailed, from the carpet to the ultra-padded leather compartments featuring a private cabin for your own time, including a 32” touchscreen monitor.

Experience their luxurious, exclusive menu that you can order from before your flight.

So which airline do you like the most?