Ferretti’s Latest Is One of the Biggest and Best in Its Class

Italian superyacht maker Ferretti released their largest superyacht ever this year, called the Ferretti 1000.  This flagship superyacht continues Ferretti’s legacy of delivering luxurious and spacious mid-sized superyachts.

Despite the Ferretti 1000 being Ferretti’s first foray into wide-hull yachts, its design shows why Ferretti are one of the best superyacht designers and builder. Every millimetre of space is carefully considered and used for its best purpose; this detailed analysis of space is what makes the Ferretti 1000 feel so roomy even though it is only 30.13-metres long overall and has a hull length of 23.98-metres.

Owners of the Ferretti 1000 will be able to choose between two impressive Rolls-Royce MTU Series 2000 engines. The MTU 16V 2000 M96L is the fastest of the two engines and will give the superyacht a max speed of 28-knots and a cruising speed of 24-knots, and the MTU 16V 2000 M86 is the cheaper option with a max speed of 24-knots and a cruising speed of 20-knots. Either of these exceptional Rolls-Royce engines provides enough power to make the Ferretti 1000 one of the fastest superyachts in its class.

Renowned Italian superyacht designer, Filippo Salvetti, was Ferretti’s lead designer for the 1000. Salvetti’s designs are well-known for striking masculine angles and strategic use of windows to create contrast and interest. The Ferretti 1000 features a lot of Salvetti’s typical yacht characteristics; however, as with all of his designs, it is their unique combination that really makes the exterior incredible. The 1000’s sleek white hull with stunning angles is further accentuated by the dark windows that draw the eye along the yacht’s hull towards the bow’s point. Furthermore, the superyacht features exceptional use of outdoor living spaces, understanding that many people want the spend their time on a superyacht enjoying ocean breezes and an uncomplicated connection to the sun, water and nature.

Owners will be able to choose between a classic or contemporary style for the Ferretti 1000’s interior, with the interior design being done by an established Italian design house, ideaeITALIA. The classic style uses soft and gentle tones, such as white, light grey and cream whilst the contemporary style uses brighter and bolder hues, such as light grey, dark grey, dark blue, white and black. One of the most impressive things about the Ferretti 1000’s interior is how spacious it feels. Reportedly, the designers worked millimetre by millimetre to create the interior; this cuts down on superfluous furniture creating the extra space for guests to move freely. Furthermore, the main interior living spaces feature wall-to-ceiling windows, which allow a large amount of light in, making the area feel bigger.

The Ferretti 1000 showcases the expert craftsmanship of the Ferretti master shipbuilders, and they want everyone to know. They have broken down the number of hours that went into the superyachts production, including 40,000 hours of concept development, 4,250 hours of naval design, and 9,650 hours of prototyping the moulds. This amount of hours of work shows in the beauty of the Ferretti 1000.