Ferrari Offers Racing Enthusiasts The Chance To Drive A Champion With The 499P Modificata

Renowned for crafting some of the world’s most coveted and high-performance automobiles, Ferrari has consistently pushed the boundaries of automotive engineering and design. In addition to creating some of the industry’s fastest and most luxurious vehicles, the iconic Italian luxury sports car manufacturer has also had an indelible mark on the racing scene. As the only team to have participated in every season of the Formula One World Championship since 1950, Ferrari boasts an unparalleled legacy marked by numerous victories, iconic drivers, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of engineering and innovation. The brand showcased its continued dominance in motorsports last year when it entered the prestigious Le Mans race for the first time and won. For the centenary of the 24-hour endurance race, Ferrari introduced a new hypercar, the Ferrari 499P. To honour its rich racing heritage and the commitment of its fervent global fan base, Ferrari is releasing the Ferrari 499P Modificata, a slightly modified version of the Le Mans winner, designed for non-competitive use.

Source: Ferrari

Much like the winning vehicle it is inspired by, the Ferrari 499P Modificata is a marvel of engineering. The car retains the Le Mans winner’s internals, including a fully carbon monocoque chassis, a seven-speed sequential gearbox, and an F1-derived 800-volt battery pack. The Modificata also mirrors the single-seat interior and ergonomic layout to ensure owners receive an immersive driving experience. While some alterations have been made to the original design, the digital rear-view mirror and a slightly wider seat allow owners of the Modificata to experience a more comfortable driving experience than the Le Mans-winning crews. 

The 499P Modificata will be the highest-performance closed-wheel car Ferrari has produced outside of professional racing. With a 2.9 litre V6 engine powering the rear axle and an electric motor boosting the front wheels, it boasts an impressive 858 horsepower that can be unleashed by a “push to pass” button on the steering wheel. Moreover, the electric motor on the front axle, now more powerful, ensures four-wheel drive from a standstill whilst the energy recovery system (ERS) feeds energy back into the battery during braking and deceleration, enhancing the car’s overall efficiency.

Though the 499P Modificata is restricted in where it can be driven, Ferrari has ensured that it will be eligible to compete in the brand’s Sport Prototipi Clienti program. Ferrari has a rich history of offering unique experiences to its clients through the Corse Clienti program. This initiative allows a select group of customers to purchase Formula One cars that have been raced over the years and drive them on iconic global tracks. The 499P Modificata joins this esteemed category, allowing owners to participate in events on iconic international circuits, with Ferrari handling logistics, track-side assistance, and maintenance.

Source: Ferrari

Owning a piece of Ferrari’s racing legacy comes at a cost – with a price tag of $8.5 million plus tax, the 499P Modificata is one of the most expensive Ferraris ever created. Furthermore, the Italian manufacturer has added to the exclusivity of this track-focused masterpiece by not disclosing the exact number of units it will be producing. 

With its roots in the Le Mans-winning 499P, this hypercar offers Ferrari enthusiasts a chance to own a piece of motorsport history. The exclusivity and performance of the 499P Modificata make it a symbol of Ferrari’s relentless pursuit of automotive excellence. For those fortunate enough to secure one, it’s not just a possession – it’s a ticket to a privileged and adrenaline-fueled world where speed meets sophistication on the grand stage of international racing.