Ferrari Enters High Fashion With A Ready-To-Wear Collection

Source: Bloomberg

Known for their Formula 1 racing team and high-powered sports car manufacturing, Ferrari has always stood as a symbol of wealth, luxury and speed. Their latest venture unveils these pillars in a new form, releasing their first in-house fashion collection. In an ode to the brand’s essence, their evolved product offering affords Ferrari brand and sports car lovers a touch of extravagance within a modern clothing line.

As Ferrari speeds towards innovation, the fashion collection marks a shift for the 74-year old company from a car manufacturer to a luxury lifestyle brand. Ferrari stated that this new brand extension strategy will be one of its most significant investments outside the car business, with hopes that it will account for 10% of profits over the next decade. An extravagant runway show on Sunday launched this venture. The launch took place in Ferrari’s Maranello production house and featured V12 production cars suspended above a factory floor turned runway. Models sported the 52 piece collection on the halted production line in a symbolic tribute to the coming together of two exclusive offerings.

Source: Bloomberg

Rocco Iannone is the mastermind designer behind the collection – an Italian powerhouse who has spent time designing for Pal Zileri, Giorgio Armani, Dolce and Gabbana. Under his creative direction, the collection embodies an artistic interplay between the sleek, curved automotive bodies of Ferrari’s creativity and Iannone’s eye for fluid forms. Many pieces resonate with architectural forms but are complemented by flowing printed silks in the renowned Ferrari eccentric red, yellow and blue. Iannone wanted to avoid any direct reference to specific automotive models, stating that “The goal was to look at Ferrari’s DNA, its attention to materials and craftsmanship, and then to give it a new voice.”

The fashion range is designed to be 80% genderless. It includes bold outerwear, including trenches, bombers and parkas discreetly branded with the iconic prancing pony logo. Complementary to stylish outerwear is street style day wear featuring branded shirts, silky midi skirts, wide shorts and loose-fitting trousers. It also sports collaborative footwear and accessories, including a sneaker designed with Puma and sunglasses by Rayban that feature subtle Ferrari motif’s. Each drop ranges from €200 ($242) to €3,000 ($3,639), emphasising the luxury ethos of the brand.

Source: Bloomberg

Ferrari’s chief brand diversification officer, Nicola Board, indicated that “The aim is to reach a wider public, especially young people and women”. They hope to move beyond racing enthusiasts and sports car owners who already crave the company’s branded merchandise to reach those who have awareness and passion for the brand’s values. Board states, “Our offer will preserve its two souls: car buyers and supporters”.

New releases will be on offer mainly through Ferrari’s online and official stores in Maranello, Rome and Milan. There are plans in the works for new stores to open in Los Angeles, Miami and China over the next year.

Ferrari is not the first of its kind to venture from luxury cars to a lifestyle business. Harley Davidson motorcycles are infamous in the vehicle manufacturer turned clothing business. According to Massimo Pizzo from Brand Finance, “Ferrari is one of the strongest brands globally…It has the potential to succeed even in the luxury apparel industry.”