Feadship Announce New Concept Design Superyacht

Dutch shipyard and renowned yacht designers Feadship recently took the yachting world by storm when they announced their new concept design Pure at the Monaco Yacht Show. Pure is a future concept that is destined to influence the next generation of yachts. 

Feadship offered a brief tour of the impressive Pure, with numerous aesthetic and technical innovations. The most aesthetically impressive part of Pure is the glass atrium that spans three levels. It is a feat of engineering that means that, when Pure is constructed, it will be one of the most open and connected superyachts available. Having such an extensive glass atrium dramatically increases the guest’s connection to the environment and ocean. Connection to the environment is of the utmost importance to Feadship; this is further present in the main deck, which is an open plan with living and dining areas strategically placed to ensure the best views. 

An intriguing technical aspect of Pure is that it doesn’t have a wheelhouse, which is the place on most yachts where the captain and crew pilot the ship. This feature allows the master stateroom to be placed further forward than any other yacht; an owner’s jacuzzi can be added into this front position too. Pure does a first for superyachts in the removal of the wheelhouse. Instead, the yacht is controlled from a concealed command centre where everything is simulated and displayed on screens. This is accurately done using a combination of radar, AIS (Automatic Identification System), maps, depth sounders and cameras. It is a similar idea and uses similar technology to submarines and naval vessels. 

However, the design concept is just a suggestion. Feadship will continue to collaborate with owners to create bespoke yachts, and client feedback, brainstorm sessions and in-depth research will continue to form the basis for every yacht they make in the future. This isn’t the first time Feadship have produced a future concept, they did so in 2006, and it has influenced the current generation of yachts. Other features present in Pure include two more jacuzzis, including a retractable one with a glass bottom, a giant elliptical skylight, a swimming pool and a beach club. 

Pure’s tank deck is designed to be compatible with expected future developments. The superyacht will initially be launched in 2024. It will use energy hybrid propulsion, a form of diesel-electric propulsion that receives energy from batteries and liquid fuel, compared to most superyachts that use diesel hybrid propulsion. In 2027, Pure can be upgraded to use hybrid battery packs with generators running on methanol, which will positively affect the overall annual environmental impacts. Furthermore, in 2030 Pure can be upgraded to use all methanol fuel cells with batteries. 

Feadship have ensured their success into the future with the publishing of the Pure concept design. The next generation of superyachts will undoubtedly show the impact of Pure, and it is a very exciting announcement for yachting enthusiasts.