Explore the Sustainable, Luxury Pearl Jewellery Collection from The Autore Group

Autore pearls are amongst the highest quality pearls produced in the world. These luxurious pearls are found in the South Sea surrounding Australia and Indonesia. Rosario Autore has been involved in pearl farming for over 30 years and founded the Autore Group 20 years ago. He is responsible for the two companies and ten pearl farms in the South Sea, with around 350,000 pearls being harvested within the Autore Group every year.

Source: AutorePearls

Autore pearls are highly regarded around the world for their value and close to perfect presentation. The Autore Group ensures the highest quality by having each pearl analyzed by experts in the well-lit Sydney headquarters.

Rosario Autore developed the pearl value and grading system in 2007, called the 5 S’s of the South Seas. These five classifications include the Shine, Shape, Surface, Shade and Size of the pearl and ensure consistent consumer satisfaction worldwide.

Autore prides itself on being a sustainable luxury company, with every part of the product being used, resulting in zero waste. The host oyster is the only live organism to produce a pearl. The pearl lives within the oyster for two years until it is ready to be harvested. The two types of oysters used to grow the South Sea pearls are the Pinctada maxima (also called the gold or silver lip) and the Pinctada margaritifera (known as the black lip). The Autore Group ensures that no part of the oyster is wasted by using the iridescent Mother of Pearl shell for other jewellery pieces, fashion accessories, décor, and certain luxury skincare products. Meanwhile, Pearl Meat is considered a delicacy with a similar texture to scallops and is widely regarded in high-end restaurants. It is sourced from the abductor muscle of the Pinctada maxima shell, possesses high nutritional value and even aphrodisiac qualities.

Source: AutorePearls

Autore pearls have been worn by world-acclaimed actresses such as Angeline Jolie and Scarlett Johansson and have won awards in Vogue and Couture.

The pearl jewellery collection consists of bangles, rings, necklaces and earrings, with the South Sea pearls as the starring piece, not just an addition to the accessory. These unique items range from AUD 1,395 for the classic silver chain necklace to AUD 43,500 for the Galaxy from the Stars & Galaxies Collection.

After experts in the Sydney headquarters have examined each pearl for tones, hues, lustre and other qualities, they are ready to be designed into unique jewellery collections and sold across Australia, the USA, Europe and Asia.

Source: AutorePearls