Explore Antarctica At $6.3 Million

London-based Nota Bene Global has created an ultra-luxurious bespoke travel opportunity for guests wanting to travel to Antarctica in a super yacht. The exclusive trip includes private jets, dedicated experts, and even your own film crew, coming in at a steep 6.3 million dollars.

Antarctica Views Super Yacht
Source: Nota Bene Global

This trip to Antarctica will expose travellers to unique sights and experiences that have rarely been done before. The trip is only available between mid-December to the end of February, all pending on the availability of the ship and the weather conditions present. The journey is a complete 10-day trip and will be undertaken on a seventy-three metre super yacht. This incredible yacht is going to be relocated from Monaco to southern Chile just for this exclusive trip. The maximum number of people for the yacht is twelve, however, guests are more than welcome to go below that number.

The journey to Antarctica starts with a private jet flight to Puerto Natales, following this there is another private jet flight to King George Island which is the biggest of the South Shetland Islands in the Southern Ocean. After landing here, guests will then embark on a five-minute helicopter ride to the super yacht.

Antarctica Superyacht Interior
Source: Nota Bene Global

Here guests will meet the yacht crew, which consists of a host, project manager, and an expedition team with an ice pilot, mountain guide, marine biologist, naturalist, and a doctor. As mentioned before, there is also a dedicated film crew to document the journey in Antarctica. They will be taking photographs, videos and drone footage, so you don’t miss a thing and have the memories forever. 

The super yacht travelling around Antarctica will include a support vessel that has the capacity to carry two AS355 helicopters, as well as a submarine for underwater experiences. The itinerary of the trip to and around Antarctica will be personalised to guests interests and attractions.

Antarctica Views Icebergs Superyacht
Source: Nota Bene Global

Some guests may want to view wildlife, whereas others may enjoy exploring different Islands and old ship wrecks. Some experiences guests can choose from include, observing humpback whales and leopard seals from a Zodiac, stand up paddle boarding among icebergs (where guests can collect 1000 year old ice for a refreshing gin and tonic later on that evening), ice trekking, sailing into a caldera on Deception Island and even a game of “crazy gold” in a back bay. All food, drinks and alcohol are tailored to the guests preferences as well.

Nota Bene Global offers other ways to explore Antarctica at a cheaper price, however, they would not receive the same experience or anything even close to the super yacht trip. As Antarctica is becoming an extremely popular destination for holidays and experiences, this trip in the perfect way to explore the icy south.

“We do a lot of extraordinary things for our guests, but they want to push the boundaries and see what they can do that’s different and next level” – Antony Lassman; co-founder of Nota Bene Global.

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